Sunday Reads: Oodles Of Pen, Paper And Ink Links


That’s a first. I’ve never used “oodles” in a post, but for this bunch, it seemed just right.


New Classic Inks From Platinum


Today Luxury Brands announced a new iron-gall ink from Platinum called Classic Ink that will begin shipping the end of February. MSRP will be $25 for a 60 ml bottle.

To quote Platinum:

Fountain pen inks that are produced using traditional methods have many times been replaced with an ink that is made by mixing dye inks due to their time-consuming production techniques. Meanwhile, Platinum Pen is currently the only company in Japan that manufactures blue black ink in a classic way.   The ink color that is bright when you start writing becomes gradually black. It is also highly water resistant and suitable for permanent preservation. This time, we have paid close attention to the process of changes in color of the classic ink, and have released six new colors with the aim to enhance the joy of using fountain pens. Emphasis on the shading has been placed, offering a rich deep writing.

Kinda gives new meaning to “fade to black”.

The colors are attractive and shading is always an interesting property. My Platinum pens are excited to have a new mate or two. Not that they require special ink, but they have performed extremely well with Platinum inks and I anticipate no less with the Classic line. Whenever I get an opportunity to put one of them to the test, I will post the results.

Bruno Taut has the backstory if you would like to know more.

Caveat or not

A number of years ago, I wrote a post about iron-gall ink voicing mild uncertainty about whether it would be a high maintenance product. In the intervening years, it has proven to be on par with other inks. However, good pen hygiene is always the best policy to keep fountain pens happy and minimize cleaning time.


Inkophile, Twitter And Paper.li


Inkophile will be nine years old in the spring. Hard to believe, eh? Time to streamline where my content merges with other media.

My penpeople list on Twitter was created to feature tweets about pens, inks, paper and creative endeavors. It worked for a long time, but in recent months, some pen people have posted more often about other subjects. That’s quite off the original purpose, so the list has been culled of folks who seldom post about pens or creative subjects. The list still has four hundred names on it and will continue to expand as more pen folk come to my attention. Follow along if you play on Twitter.

The Inkophile Daily at paper.li is a news aggregator that grabs some of its content from my Twitter list. When tweets and links were mostly oriented towards creative subjects and lighter fare, my paper was a nice break from traditional news. In recent months, it devolved into an almost pen-free zone. Political rants and incitements just don’t fit the pen and creative endeavors theme. So over the next few weeks, it will get revised and reorganized until it again becomes a mellow venue for pen and creative people. A new edition publishes daily between 5 and 6 pm PST if you would like to check it out.



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