öli ũclip magnetic paperclips


öli ũclips are a popular accessory for Midori, Hobonichi and other journals. I purchased a few from Oliblock on Etsy who has them on discount Labor Day weekend. It’s a good time to buy if you want to add some eye-candy and organization to your reading and writing.

Here’s what I like. The colors are vibrant and the magnetic clips are secure. Placement is a little tricky as the magnetics like to grab each other. The vinyl is washable and durable. Since you are going to have these for a long time, pick colors and themes that will keep you happy.

Here’s what I didn’t like. The clips are thick so your journal will get a bit bulky even with the smallest style. Opening one is a two-handed maneuver but that is true with other clips. On the larger version, the logo is upside down and the image on the other side is unnecessary, unattractive and detracts from the colorful image. It says “LAURA LJUNG KVIST.” with the period just as I placed it. I think this is intended to be on the inside of the clip. However, when I make it so, the outline of the magnet is visible on the front. This is not a deal-breaker but something you should know.

As a final comment, I would prefer packaging that could be used for storage, but this is one of those “destroy it to open it” types. I might not use all five at one time and need a safe place to store them. At least the current package can go in the recycle bin.

The smaller clips suit journals well. The larger version might fit other uses in addition to holding sheets of paper together.

New öli ũclips get released often enough to make them a cute collectible along with being a functional tool. Not that any of us are collectors…


A Few Links For A Long Weekend


Here are some of the things that provided some much needed distraction this past week:



A Few Sunday Links


A fee links for a sweltering Sunday…



Nemosine Singularity Stub – First Look


Review notes for the Nemosine Singularity 0.8 stub.


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Pen World And An Inkophile


Recently, Pen World invited me to write an article for the August, 2015 issue. The topic of overlooked inks was proposed by the editor, Laura Chandler, and it proved to be a very good choice for an inkophile.

It didn’t take long to come up with the initial five, but that expanded to ten with no effort. Frankly, it could have been a lot more. Despite new colors, revamped lines and even the occasional new ink maker, all  news worthy of note, there are hundreds of inks already available that are amazing and delightful to use.

The next time boredom sets in or your rotation seems stale, go to the back of your shelf and look for an ink that hasn’t seen a pen in ages. You might be surprised by one that fell out of favor or worse, never got its due. Usually, my ink didn’t find a good mate though a more recent pen might suit it perfectly. Perhaps a new brand of paper brings out shading or makes the pen glide across the surface in a most satisfying way. I’ve resurrected some inks with little thought other than the color suited my fancy at the moment. Isn’t that simple?

Whatever the reason, giving an ink a second chance to make you love it is worth the effort. Aren’t “cheap” thrills the best?

Thank you, Laura, for asking me to write for Pen World. It was fun to collaborate on a project and I hope we can do it again.

A final thank you to Tessa Maurer who shot the photos. It certainly helps to have a talented photographer in the family.

Here is a PDF of the article for those who didn’t see it in Pen World. If you didn’t, consider a subscription. There is nothing quite like ogling gorgeous fountain pens depicted in four-color glory. If you are a pen nut, Pen World could be just the place for you.

Pen World Article 8-2015






A Change At Noodler’s


Due to circumstances beyond his control, Nathan has changed the packaging for Noodler’s Ink. Details in the video, but the short of it is that for the remainder of the year and perhaps longer, Noodler’s Ink will come in a plastic bottle. No changes will be made to the ink. Just the container will be different until a new source for the three ounce glass bottle can be arranged.


A Trio Of Pen Links


Lost my saved links for the week along with my trust in Firefox. “Not responding” has become a drag on using the web so switching to Chrome has become inevitable.

Only three links to share, but they are good ones.

Conklin Duragraph Stub in Stealth Mode


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