Favorite Paper

  1. Tomoe River for writing, all sorts
  2. Rhodia lined tablets, especially the No. 16
  3. Apica 6A10 Notebook for journaling (The surface can be inconsistent.)
  4. Exacompta “Basics” Sketch Book for drawing
  5. Clairefontaine French Ruled Notebooks for practicing calligraphy
  6. Triomphe Stationery in tablets
  7. Stillman & Birn for journaling and water media
  8. Midori Traveler’s Notebooks for planners and journals in a flexible system
  9. Leuchtturm 1917 for a grid style writing journal
  10. Daycraft for gorgeous journals and diaries though they aren’t always fountain pen friendly
  11. Staples ARC Notebook System for ease of use and its very fountain pen-friendly paper

Updated October 8, 2016.


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  2. Dear Inkophile,

    Your Blog is an excellent website; thank you. Q – have you tried a LEUCHTTURM1917 notebook?



    Canberra, Australia


    • Thank you for the nice words. No, I haven’t tried the LEUCHTTURM1917 notebook yet. Once I get caught up on the 25 or so product reviews in the queue here, it might be a good one for Inkophile. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.🙂


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  5. Yes. A kindred spirit! Maybe with your help (and maybe the Pen Addict?) you can solve a grand mystery. It seems Rhodia has made a turn for the worse. The “faint lavender” lines of the tried and true grid pads are now a horrendous dark, thick purple. I ordered from Vickerey and returned thinking I got a bad batch only to order from Mister Art and Alko with the same results! I double and triple checked against my remaining stock and clearly and distinctly the grid weight and color is darker and thicker. I’m trying Mnemosyne pads and whitelines for an alternative but I (and imagine others with the same experience) want my original Rhodia bac!


    • My stock of Rhodia is old so I haven’t seen the new lines. What you describe would send me elsewhere for paper despite Rhodia being my favorite. The company is very responsive to customer feedback so do contact them directly with your concerns. Do let us know what happens.🙂


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