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Moleskine And Platinum Carbon Ink


The best thing about yesterday was discovering how well Platinum Carbon Ink performs on Moleskine paper and in a cahier at that. The Plaisir is perfectly tuned for the ink so using this trio is a real pleasure. The second best thing was UPS delivering a package by bicycle. That was a first in my […]


A Winning Moleskine, Ink And Pen Combo


A chance meeting of a Moleskine notebook, a Pilot MR Metropolitan medium nib, and Sailor Tokiwa-matsu ink revealed a very acceptable partnership. Almost no feathering and so little bleed-through as to make the backs of pages useful makes this a winning combination. I am not a huge Moleskine fan, but in this case, paint me […]


Sunday Reads From Cognac To Moleskine


For your Sunday distraction… Trick Shot Video 5 lessons from a man who retired at 33 The Well-Appointed Desk: Reconsidering Moleskine Toronto collector makes his mark with fountain pens When your fountain pen is sick, send it to the ‘doctor’ Fountain Pen Contains World’s ‘Oldest’ Cognac Chronicles of quills and ink of the mighty gama


Moleskine Surprise


When it comes to journals, Moleskine has set the standard for form. Sturdy, but lays flat. Natural white paper. Ribbon marker. Elastic band and rear pocket. The size is just right in the hand. But in recent times, the paper has left much to be desired when it comes to fountain pen ink. When I started using […]


Moleskine, Cursive, And Chinese Takeout Links


With politics dominating the news this past week, it was a challenge to find some tasty tidbits, but there were a few… Many NYC students so tech-oriented they can’t even sign their own names Lawmaker types up legislation requiring kids to learn cursive The 7 worst (and 7 best) Chinese takeout dishes Are you a […]


Links From Moleskine To Horses To Snow


NYC + snow + chutzpah = FUN! 10 Rare And Beautiful Horses The Well-Appointed Desk: Reconsidering Moleskine


Sunday Links From Doctor Who To Moleskine To Pen Stuff


Doctor Who wearing sonic shades and rocking some mean guitar licks may take some adjustment, but the Lego kit could be just the thing for a fan who prefers a more traditional take on the last of the Time Lords… Pen Chalet: Fountain Pen Nib Infographic Lego Doctor Who Kit Leigh Reyes: Shimmerfy Your Own […]