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Moleskine, Cursive, And Chinese Takeout Links


With politics dominating the news this past week, it was a challenge to find some tasty tidbits, but there were a few… Many NYC students so tech-oriented they can’t even sign their own names Lawmaker types up legislation requiring kids to learn cursive The 7 worst (and 7 best) Chinese takeout dishes Are you a […]


Links From Moleskine To Horses To Snow


NYC + snow + chutzpah = FUN! 10 Rare And Beautiful Horses The Well-Appointed Desk: Reconsidering Moleskine


Sunday Links From Doctor Who To Moleskine To Pen Stuff


Doctor Who wearing sonic shades and rocking some mean guitar licks may take some adjustment, but the Lego kit could be just the thing for a fan who prefers a more traditional take on the last of the Time Lords… Pen Chalet: Fountain Pen Nib Infographic Lego Doctor Who Kit Leigh Reyes: Shimmerfy Your Own […]


Moleskine And Fountain Pen Ink


Another test with Moleskine and fountain pen ink, but this time with italic nibs. Noodler’s Blue Eel isn’t bad though the bleed-through limits writing to only one side of the paper. Noodler’s Black paired with a Pilot Prera and a Plumix medium italic nib performed so well that there wasn’t even a dot of bleed-through. […]


A Bargain Journal That Beats Moleskine Paper


Get your hard-earned cash ready, but it won’t take much of it to buy this Swinton journal. The medium-sized one I bought today beats the pants off Moleskine paper and the photo proves it. The Chinese paper is heavier than Moleskine and feels lightly coated. No feathering and only the Rohrer & Klingner produced very […]


Lots of Links From Moleskine to Ink to Art


So much good stuff out there. Where to start… Dare you to read this and not crack up! (h/t Mona) The Well-Appointed Desk: Paul South: Lefty Notepad Calligram by Leigh Reyes American bourbon now better than Scottish whiskey: U.K.-born expert Edison Pen Co.: A Double-Ended Pen? Why Not? EastWestEverywhere: A note on fountain pen friendly […]


Hot Links From Moleskine To Wet Dogs – Really!


It was a very distracting week… Killer bee attack saves a woman’s life and inspires amazing product Life Imitates Doodles: Creating Art at the Speed of Life Jet Pens: Moleskine Travelling Collection Shell Cases Wet Dogs It’s Thanksgiving So We Asked Brits To Label The United States — We’re So Sorry, America Notebooks Stories: Moleskine Postal […]


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