Pen Deals and More!

Don’t you just love a great bargain! To make shopping easier, Inkophile will offer a home for retailers and shoppers to share time-limited online deals with the pen community. Just post a comment with the details of the sale or special offer at Pen Deals & More! That way we can all be duly enabled to spend our hard earned cash on the best of the best deals.

Any discounts or sales related to writing instruments, paper, ink, calligraphy, writing, and accessories will be accepted. Since there are some upcoming reviews related to watercolor paper, art supply offers may be posted as well.

Just to make certain this feature is wanted as well as workable, it will be a test for 90 days. Based on the number of clicks and feedback, it will be continued or dumped.

Rules of the game:

  • List the name of the retailer in capital letters first.
  • Explain the deal and when it will start and end.
  • Include a link to the front page of the retailer’s site or to the deal itself.
  • All postings will be reviewed and should be visible within 24 hours.
  • Expired deals will be deleted.


  1. […] deals with the pen community […]


  2. DANIEL SMITH Art Materials: Free standard shipping ends February 21, 2011. Use code WEB2SHIP.

    Orders must ship within 50 United States and Territories. Enter promotional code on the address information screen at checkout. Cannot be combined with any other offers.



  3. The Pen Boutique online offers a “Deal of the Day” which is one individual item discounted for 24 hours. Recent items have included fountain pens, Montblanc inks, and storage cases. Some discounts are amazing and I have purchased more than one gift at great prices.*


    * No affiliation….just a satisfied customer.



    This online store has a list of sale items up to 50% off. Great prices on some hard-to-find items, including some limited edition fountain pens. The site says sale items change regularly.



  5. CHEAP JOE’S MONSTER CANVAS SALE! SAVE UP TO 80% OFF LIST! Offer Expires Midnight (ET), February 17, 2011. http://bit.ly/fwwuOh


    15% OFF ALL Parker and Waterman PENWA.COM pricing for January 2012 using PARKER or WATERMAN promo code when checking out. Plus choose a FREE Refill with Waterman pen purchase. Other daily promotions available and introducing Parker Ingenuity.


  7. thank you for posting this blog, pen boutique really caters a very reliable brand keep it up.


  8. PenPlace.com
    Large discounts on a selection of pens including Montegrappa, Omas, Aurora and more. Keep an eye out for changes.


  9. Anyone come across w/ a tangerine truewriter lately, or, any lead’s?


    • I’ve only seen them on eBay and at the rate of about two per year. It took me three years to acquire one and then it turned out to be slightly damaged. It is a happy color so it gets used from time to time. Hope you have an easier time finding one than I did.


  10. Penshop in the UK is currently offering bulk-buy deals on its Montblanc range. It’s only for those of you with a real thirst for MB inks though, as some inks require a bulk buy of 3 bottles before you get the 16% discount, though other’s just need 2 bottles.


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