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On My Desk Today

On My Desk


On My Desk 05-15-2016


The writing instruments on my desk needed a little exercise this morning.

Three inks are waiting for slots in my rotation: Pilot Blue-Black, Pelikan Violet and Diamine Vermillion. Pens to be determined. A turquoise or aqua ink will go in the Century Nice with its next fill. Diamine Marine has called dibs on a second Pilot Pocket Brush Pen though the Eco would show Marine to better advantage than the black barrel of the Pilot. It will all get sorted soon.


Orange As An Antidote


To counter the gray day, color invaded my desk.

What perks up your day?


The Good Stuff On My Desk


What I’m working on and with today.

On my desk

Paperblanks Journal
Jackson’s Watercolors
Isabey Petit Gris 6234 #0 Brush
Daniel Smith 44-08 #3 Kolinsky Brush
Autopoint Mechanical Pencil
Stillman & Birn Epsilon Sketchbook
Tomoe River paper from
Noodler’s Standard Flex Pen with Noodler’s Black Swan in Australian Roses
Pilot Prera with Plumix medium (italic) nib and Noodler’s Black
Sheaffer Taranis with Diamine Steel Blue
Platinum #3776 music nib with Diamine Sepia
All overseen by a cloisonne bird that belonged to my mom


Paperblanks and Jackson’s Watercolors


Here’s a peak at reviews coming soon…

paperblanks journal

paperblanks – gorgeous and good with Noodler’s inks but not so much with R&K

Jackson's Watercolors

Jackson’s Watercolours – rich colors and a dollop of honey


Too Many Inked Fountain Pens


December is far and away the busiest month and this year has been the worst ever. A thirteen pen rotation is quite excessive under the circumstances. So here it is before half of them get a bath and go into storage for several weeks at least.

Fountain Pens and Written Samples

At least two are certain to remain on my desk: the red Lamy Safari with Diamine Emerald because it amuses me this time of year and the Platinum #3773MU because it makes writing a pleasure. The Pelikan pens will remain in use for now along with at least one Namiki Falcon and a Levenger True Writer. Well, at least that’s the plan. Six pens seems like a lot, but inadequate in terms of inks. Being an inkophile is hard work!

Ink Comparison


November Pens And Inks


Too many pens, but that happens when testing ink. The pens are in the same order as the written sample. Thinking ahead, I loaded the red Lamy Safari with Diamine Emerald ink. Red pen/green ink. Well, at least I am amused by it. Emerald was my first green ink and remains a favorite. Next up will be a brown ink, either Noodler’s or Diamine, and a burgundy. Must empty a few pens first. Ten is too many even for an inkophile.

Pen and Inks fo November

The paper is Rhodia and is excellent for ink tests.

So that’s what’s on my desk. What’s on yours?

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