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Selling Some of My Best Pens


Update: All of the pens have been sold. Congratulations to the new owners!

Spring cleaning made it clear that a few of my pens ought to go to writers who will use them more consistently than I have. They aren’t unloved – just unused. Considering the size of my collection, that isn’t surprising especially with my minimal rotation the last few years.

These Platinum #3776 pens are ready for new homes. Only the Chartres Blue shows any sign of use and is priced accordingly. There are writing samples at the end of this post to help you evaluate the nibs.

The Platinum #3776 Century Chartres Blue with a 14K B nib received this remark in a post from a few years ago: “Beautiful, smooth, balanced, and very blue. If you are a collector, purchase one soon to get a serial numbered card indicating your pen was manufactured in the initial run. It won’t cost more but it is kind of cool.” This pen has the nicest B nib I have ever used but it does have some scratches that are visible only at just the right angle. It takes a bright light to bring out the blue color and it usually appears almost black. $110 (PNB-10000 #51-B)

Next is a Platinum #3776 Century Black in Black with gold trim and a 14K SF nib. Note that it is soft and not flex though the box says FF for fine flex. It does give with a little pressure though not comparable to vintage flex. With practice, it can add a bit of character to letter forms and is a solid pen for everyday use. $125 (PNB-10000#1-FF)

The Platinum #3776 Century Yamanaka has a 14K SM nib and will also bend enough to be both comfortable to use as well as to add some line variation to your writing. I am particularly fond of transparent pens and this one has beautiful detailing along with its rhodium nib. $155 (PNB-20000Y #5 SM)

I have written about my Platinum #3776 14K rhodium Music Nib many, many times. It easily ranks in my top five favorite pens. Luckily for you, I have a never-used one to sell. I don’t think this one is a Slip and Seal, but I have never had a problem with ink drying out in mine or the nib failing to start even if left unused for weeks. $130 (PTMB-25000 #1-MU)

With the exception of the music nib, the others are lightly used. Only the Chartres Blue has been filled more than once. Again, I have too many pens to keep them all happy.

Each pen comes in its original box and has a converter. Shipping for a single pen will be $10 that includes $100 insurance to United States addresses only. International shipping is not an option for me at this time so domestic sales only.

  • Contact me at inkophile *at* to ask a question or to make a purchase.
  • Payment via Paypal (Friends and family. We are friends, aren’t we?) or Zelle at price plus shipping fee.
  • Shipment within 72 hours of cleared payment.
  • U.S. buyers only.
  • Shipping fee is for Priority Mail.
  • Combined purchases requiring a larger box will increase the shipping fee.
  • If the pen is not as described, please return it within 7 days.

Platinum Chartres Blue B

Platinum Century Black in Black SF

Platinum Century Yamanaka SM

Platinum #3776 Music Nib


Watercolor Travel Sets for Sale


Are you interested in painting with watercolors? Now that it’s summer and vacation season in the U.S., one of my unused travel sets might be just the thing to get you painting on the road.

  • W&N Cotman Compact Set – 14 half-pan set filled with student grade paint. Cardboard sleeve is a little warn at corners. $20
  • Rembrandt Luxury Pocket Box – 12 half-pan set in a plastic case with five mixing areas and a sable brush. $50
  • Schmincke Horadam Finest Artists’ Watercolours – 12 half-pan set with DaVinci #5 travel brush. Retail for the paint and brush would be at least $111 though I don’t know if the half-pans are available in the U.S. Pegasus has the empty box for $29 but that’s UK shipping. Not as keen to sell this one but will consider offers.

U.S. buyers only. Add shipping via USPS Priority Mail at current rates. If you want two sets and they will fit in the same box, there will be no extra charge. If a larger box is needed, then shipping will be at cost. Additional insurance will be at cost as well. Buyer assumes all risk for uninsured items.

If interested send email to inkophile*at* or post a comment. I moderate those and will reply privately so your info will not be made public.

Update: Schmincke half-pans are available in the US at Wet Paint Art, NY Central Art Supply, and The Fine Art Store.

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