My first memory of a fountain pen is of the classic green binde (striped) Pelikan casually resting on the massive oak desk of my father’s best friend. Of course, the friend was an attorney and the fountain pen a requisite status symbol. But it was also a very well-used fountain pen and I learned a valuable lesson about quality and style.

Later in life I rediscovered those lessons while collecting a few fountain pens of my own. Keeping a blog will be my running record of successes as well as disappointments in searching for quality balanced with style and functionality in pens and all things related especially ink. The amazing variety of colors as well as key characteristics can bring as much delight to using a great fountain pen as the pen itself. Add just the right paper and writing becomes a joy rather than a chore. Even testing various combinations for that ideal match is part of the charm especially when things come together just right.

My collection has grown in fits and spurts. Though I’ve sold or given away 30-40 bottles of ink and just as many fountain pens, there remain more than 80 pens and at least 180 bottles of ink. The amount of paper is even more ridiculous. Don’t get me started on the number of ink samples because there is that, too. There are so many good pen-ink-paper combinations in the lot that it is hard to pick favorites but I have listed on other pages a few that are particularly worthy of mention.

You can find me on Fountain Pen Network as Margana and on Google+ as well as Twitter if you play in those sandboxes.

Now for today’s experiment…




  1. I love your site. Keep it up !


  2. I like your handwriting


    • Thank you. 🙂


  3. Hi There.

    What is your style of writing? It’s so nice to my eyes.
    I mean; is it a personal style or a style I can adopt as well?


    • It’s just what happens when I put pen to paper. Glad you like it.


      • When I look at all your writings, with all those beautiful colors, they really inspire me!

        The more I look, the more I like it.
        Writing is an honor.

        In our holy book;Quran, God says: “I call the pen and what it inscribes”


  4. Hey I enjoy your blog very much. /me clasps his inkstained fingers & nods to you.


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