Ground Rules

The fountain pen community is not so large that you and I can’t know something about all the major players from vendors to eBay sellers to message boards to bloggers. Your comments and insights are welcome here and I encourage you to view this blog as a two-way conversation. So chime in at any time.

One caveat though is warranted. While I won’t overtly put down a vendor or member of the community, neither will I recommend anyone who in my experience isn’t worthy of praise or at least a neutral rating. Some may see conspicuous omissions in my lists of links and rightfully so. There are message boards that offer little save rude language or elitist opinions. Not my cuppa so you will have to search them out for yourself. There are vendors and nib repair people who have forgotten that treating customers in a shabby or dishonest manner has consequences. In good conscience I omit them. As small business owners, I want to see them thrive and hope they improve to a level that will allow me to include them in the future.

Manufacturers are another matter. When you plunk down your hard earned or even easily come by money, you rightfully expect and deserve a high quality product. Finding those products is part of the purpose for this blog and especially on those products, your fair comments are welcome. Expect to read mine as well.


  1. […] Ground Rules […]


  2. {{{clap clap}}} Well said.


    • Thank you. Thank you. 🙂


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