Noodler’s General Of The Armies Ink


Noodler’s Ink has a new release with a split personality. General of the Armies is dark green when wet, but blue when dry. If your pen has an inkvue window or it is a demonstrator, this ink will confuse your senses. For an audience, it looks like a magic trick so make the most of it. Thank the ink wizard, Nathan Tardif, for the admiration you will receive.

As for other inky qualities, it is well-behaved on a variety of papers. No shading with the Noodler’s Dixie #10 Methuselah Ebonite on absorbent paper, but it did shade nicely on Rhodia.  No feathering, show-through or bleed-through on any paper except to a mild degree on Moleskine. The color is green-blue when dry and not highly saturated. Like many inks from Noodler’s, it does not budge when smeared with water. Frankly, what more could you ask from an ink?

Thank you, Carol, for the ink and pen. Luxury Brands U.S.A. has been a good and supportive friend to this blog. Your generosity is greatly appreciated.






Available at Amazon and many other retailers.





  1. Looks like it might do best in larger nibs & wetter pens.


    • No doubt it would do well in what you suggest though I am thoroughly enjoying it in the Dixie #10. The nib isn’t labeled but it seems to be of medium width. All of my wider nibs are employed or I would test your theory. Perhaps next week. I would like to see if the drying time suits a wet flow.


      • Knowing the drying time would be awesome. My firehoses occasionally require heavier papers to avoid multi-page bleed through. Or consideration as to whether I want to write on both sides of the page.


        • On Rhodia the fine to medium line dried almost instantly. A half inch wide swath took less than three seconds. A very wet blob took 15-20 seconds. That one might have dried more rapidly. I thought it would take longer so I wasn’t watching closely.


          • That is exactly what I needed to know. Thanks!


            • Welcome. The #10 is no gusher, but the drying time is quite acceptable for average pen use.


  2. Thank you for such a thorough overview of this new ink!


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  4. I don’t normally like this shade of green but when I read your post, I thought it could look good on paper, actually! Thanks for the review.


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