It’s Official! A New Noodler’s Ink!


The new Noodler’s Ink is called General of the Armies and it has a unique twist on color. It changes over time!

First seen at the Dallas Pen Show 2014 and now available in wide release, this ink starts out green but changes to blue. I received a written sample that is green-blue along the lines of Waterman Blue Black and Iroshizuku Tsuki-yo or perhaps a faded version of Noodler’s Navy or The Big Blue Bear. This may only be a transitional color, but it certainly is pretty today.

Luxury Brands released this image today noting, “The color of the third swatch still has a touch of green as it is drying. Also don’t be surprised by the color in the bottle as you can see. Very green until it changes to cavalry blue.”

Displaying image003.jpg

Like most of Noodler’s Inks, there is a backstory. In this case it has to do with Army uniform colors, but that tale can wait for another day. Retailers just got word of the new ink so don’t expect to find it on the shelf just yet, though it might not hurt to encourage your favorite source to stock up. I mean they should want to enable you, right?


  1. Wow! Never been ahead of the crowd before. Glad I was able to attend the Dallas show again this year 🙂 The Texas series is fun for us natives.


  2. Hmmm. Fun for cheap pens. But after experiencing La Reine Mauve turning to purple glue in an expensive Visconti even as I wrote with it, I’m not loading Noodler’s in anything that’s not disposable.

    Love the colors, DON’T love the maintenance costs I’m experiencing all too often. My pens are my livelihood, so I’ve got to focus on maintenance.


    • That’s surprising especially since I’ve had no such problems with Noodler’s inks. The only one that had an issue was a bottle of Army Green that changed color after about eight years on a shelf. I have a bottle of Black that must be ten years old and still going strong. Most of them even rinse out of fillers more easily than other inks.

      But you’ve got to go with whatever works best for your pens which just leaves more for the rest of us. 😉

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