Which Ink Makes You Happy?


It doesn’t have to be just one ink, but which ink makes you happy? It could be any characteristic that does it for you or a combination like color and shading. Turquoise and orange do it for me along with the sort of flow that makes the nib glide.

I have touted Diamine Mediterranean Blue for years. It’s a bright turquoise ink that leans more blue than green. It has good flow and makes a lovely companion for my Platinum #3776 music nib. I am not usually so loyal, but Med Blue has charmed me for years. The pen and ink haven’t been mates for quite some time as the music nib is one of my best pens for ink tests. Might have to find another pen for that purpose and let the two friends take a holiday together.

Elaine from Jet Pens sent a bottle of Iroshizuku kon-peki yesterday, so I have a new turquoisy ink to consider though ku-jaku is number two on my list for turquoise/teal. Will it be replaced? Probably not, but kon-peki is coming on strong. More on that in a few days.

Noodler’s Turquoise Eel might be just the thing for narrow nibs, but I’ve never used it. The urge to order ink is growing stronger and this ink is one of the reasons.

Orange is a bit more complex. Diamine Sepia is an earthy orange-brown that is a fun ink especially with its shading and outlining. It loves the #3776, but it has enjoyed a wide variety of mates over the years. For a more true orange, Noodler’s Apache Sunset is hard to beat and its one of the best shading inks for flexible nibs. When I am in a mood for ink closer to red or pink, Diamine Vermilion will do though it isn’t a lubricating ink.

That’s my short list. Now it’s your turn. Which ink or inks make you happy?



  1. Right now I am loving Noodler’s Saguaro Wine and Noodler’s Army Green. The green reminds of the Saguaros and other cactus here. The Saguaro Wine pretty much matches my Faber-Castell Loom metallic violet perfectly and that makes me happy. 🙂


  2. J. Herbin’s Violette from the Les Subtiles scented range makes me happy, because its smell so beautifully captures the scent of real violets – which I loved as a child. Unfortunately, the colour is too bright to make me happy, so I always put several drops into Waterman’s purple and that is enough to give the Waterman the scent of the Herbin, but doesn’t change the lovely deep colour.


  3. Vermillion looks pretty and don’t have it, another one for the list. I think the happiest inks to my mind are those Turquoise blue shades.


    • From your own collection, Dave, which inks make you the most happy?


      • I agree with other five inks (I have them all). Others that take my fancy include Caran d’Ache Amazon (no longer available), Pilot iroshizuku murashi-shikabu, a trio of Noodler’s ink – Liberty Elysium, American Eel Turquoise & Ottoman Azure. Lots of turquoise-ish inks. I really love Montblanc’s Honorè de Balzac Dandy Turquoise – I bought a 2nd bottle of this ink and stored it away in my climate controlled wine cabinet…


  4. For me, it’s Tsuyu-kusa. It’s just a happy blue, smiles in a bottle. Poussière de Lune is another, more moody but still evokes good feelings. I will definitely give Diamine Med Blue a try, I’ve been looking for a blue-leaning turquoise.


  5. I also enjoy a 3776 music nib which I can’t help but ink with J Herbin Éclat de Saphir. I like the brightness and purply undertones – but these fade as it dries. I would like to find an ink that stays that colour!


  6. I love the Diamine Amazing Amethyst. Not sure why but every time I pick up a pen inked with it and that purple goes down on paper I smile.


  7. I think the category of “inks that make me happy” is a unique one. I have so many inks, and many that I enjoy, but there are few that actually have the ability to lift my spirits. That being said, Sheaffer Turquoise and Diamine Meadow tie for first place based upon both color and flow properties. My runners-up would be: Noodler’s Saguaro Wine, because the magenta color really does pop and yet it’s not too bright; Pelikan Edelstein Aventurine, because it really is the perfect shade of green; and, Diamine Ancient Copper, because it has just enough orange without being too much for me. With maybe J.Herbin Vert Reseda thrown in for good measure, as I’ve found this minty green in a wet writer can be really enjoyable.


  8. ARGH! Why why why would you ask such a torteous question!
    Always running Diamine Ancient Copper, Noodler’s Apache Sunset & Noodler’s Bad Belted Kingfisher in italic or stubs… Then some variant of custom black greens in my ink well.
    Dang it, then there’s Noodler’s Sequoia Green & Edelstein Topaz.


  9. Gosh, there’s so many, and so little objective reason for any of them. Herbin Lis de Thé, Diamine Evergreen, Jentle blue-black, Diamine Sargasso, Private Reserve Supershow Blue, Noodler’s Tulipe Noir… guess I lean a little more dark than festive, but it’s got to have shading.


    • I own most of them and they wouldn’t strike me as ‘happy’ inks thought any of them in a broad stub would make me smile…


  10. And then there’s my always go-to ink, Noodler’s Black. Great post and I love all of the comments.


    • Agreed on Noodler’s Black. It plays nicely with all of my pens.


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  12. J. Herbin’s 1670 Anniversary Rouge Hematite in my Nemosine demonstrator makes me smile every day because no matter what, I *have* to write something with it; it’s a vibrant red that brightens up any page. Ditto with Noodler’s Liberty’s Elysium, a wonderfully bright blue that will cheer me up and drive off any gloomies that lurk about. Private Reserve Orange Crush is also becoming a steady member of my daily ink club.


    • Orange Crush. I’d forgotten about that one. Definitely a happy ink capable of banishing any signs of gloom.


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