Poll: Which Is Your Favorite Iroshizuku Ink?


Iroshizuku inks are pictured on the Pilot site. You can select up to three colors for the poll.



  1. I use Iroshizuku inks almost all the time, and I could have picked 5 or 6 but one of the problems is that they don’t photograph as well as they look in real life.


  2. Picking just three is just mean. 🙂


  3. Fuyu-syogun! 😀


  4. […] Fountain pens, ink, paper and more « Poll: Which Is Your Favorite Iroshizuku Ink? […]


  5. […] lovers have spoken and the results are in for the Iroshizuku poll. Tsuki-yo and Yama-budo tied for favorite with Kon-peki just a step behind. Asa-gao came in next […]


  6. I have Tsukyi-Yo, which even my non-FP collecting fiancee tonight was admiring given it’s depth and complexity; I am not surprised that it came out on top, at all. I have Asa-Gao, Ku-Jaku, Syo-Ro, and several more. The only one remaining for me would be Yama-Budo.


    • Clever fiancee! Not everyone can see such things.

      You have quite an Iroshizuku collection. Yama-budo likes some of my pens, but not others. It isn’t finicky. The flow just seems to overwhelm some of my wider nibs. Then it dries a bit too slowly and benefits from a blotter’s use. I probably just need more practice with it in a stub or italic nib. It is very good in a fine or extra-fine nib if that is your preference.


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