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Which Fountain Pen Would You Recommend?


Thanks to a recent donation, I can invest in a new pen and could use a little advice deciding which one to purchase.

It would be good to acquire a pen that either hasn’t been reviewed or a pen that would be good at testing inks. A TWSBI 580 would suit the former while an additional Conklin Duragraph would fit the latter. Both are stubs and that is my preference. An unmodified pen would be best since readers would be able to purchase the same model. Price should be no more than $60, making it accessible to most of us. For ink testing purposes, a converter or piston filler will do.

I have many Lamys, so skip that brand. Is there another pen with a stock stub or 1.1 calligraphy nib I should consider? My Kaweco only takes cartridges, so never gets used for ink tests. I know people love them, but the size isn’t ideal for my hand. However, if it’s the best option, I’ll make it work since the newer ones accept a converter.

A second Duragraph would be a good choice for my daily writing needs, but in Amber or Forest Green this time.

The TWSBI has an iffy reputation and I don’t like fiddling with my pens. They either work or they don’t which seems to describe the TWSBI very well. However, if mine turned out to be a good one, it would get plenty of use as well as praise.

The short list:

Have I missed a pen that ought to be on this list?


Links To Calligraphy, Pens And A Shocking Dog


The Internet did not fail to amuse and inspire this week…


Links From Calligraphy To Torchwood To A Tango


Such an eclectic mix…

Do birds gossip at Sunday brunch?


The World As Hologram And Other Links


The Susskind lecture is fascinating though my puppy is skeptical of the concept…


Links From Pyramids To Midori To My New Puppy


An eclectic bunch of links with a puppy tag…

Little “No Name” kept me company over an extra long week. Hope the coming week is shorter and that she gets a real name. Either way she is sweet, vocal, cuddly and eager to learn more tricks like today’s surprise, jumping into my lap and climbing up to my shoulder without assistance. She’s a Havanese and only a year old as the puppy coat will attest. I am lucky to have found her after three years scouring the listings of rescue groups and attending adoption events. Expect to see more of her in future even if she isn’t into fountain pens which is probably a good thing. One addict in the family is quite enough.


Pens, A Talking Dog, And Captain Kirk To The Rescue


Yep, it’s another links smorgasbord. So dig right in and enjoy the fare.

The performance starts at the 2 minute mark.


A Few Links Plus A Very Cute Fuzzy


The idea of a micronation is intriguing. Penandinkdom, anyone?

“Since high school, too, I have written only with fountain pens. Buying new pens and trying out new inks are among the little joys of life that contribute as much — and sometimes more — to one’s happiness than the “big” things.”   Dennis Prager


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