Wancai Mini Eyedropper With Diamine Aurora Borealis


Eli on Instagram used a combination of pen and ink that looked very appealing to me so I decided to try the same duo, a Moonman (Majohn) Wancai Mini Eyedropper with Diamine Aurora Borealis It would be my first eyedropper filler and was destined for use in my journal. For $20, it was worth a gamble. Note that the color and swirls called Daydream give the pen a happy vibe that encourages use so that is another plus in its favor.

The body is a little odd in that even posted it is short but the body circumference is greater than the pens I usually use. Finding a balanced, comfortable position for it has been tricky especially since the nib is not the smoothest. It isn’t bad but it isn’t as smooth as the Delike New Moon 2 EF used for comparison. Surprisingly, the Wancai Mini F writes finer than the Delike EF. The latter has slightly more flow so that might account for the line difference. Maybe.

In terms of appearance, the New Moon is colorful if traditional. The Wancai Mini is an eye-catching cutie. From the swirls to the size, it looks like a pen that was meant for fun.

Note that the Mini has no clip so it does tend to wander around the desk but a pen rest will keep it anchored.


Moonman Wancai Mini Transparent Pocket-Size Eyedropper Fountain Pen with Fine Steel Nib 0.5mm

Dimensions: Length closed is 87mm and posted is 122mm. The diameter is 14mm. Net weight is 11.9g.

Cap screws on. Eye dropper filler or ink cartridges.

Material : Acrylic Resin.


Delike New Moon 2 with Extra-Fine 0.38mm (Rose Red)

Dimensions: Length closed is 132mm and posted is 155 mm. The diameter is 12mm. Net weight is 23g.

Cap screws on. Cartridge or converter filled.

Material: Acrylic Resin.


What I learned from experimenting with the Wancai is that eyedropper fillers are easy to use and hold a ton of ink which is perfect for journal writing in my favorite Traveler’s Notebook.

A pen with a cap that needs to be screwed on to give it adequate length for writing is frustrating and awkward. My pattern is to write a few sentences, pause, then write a few more. Unscrewing the cap from the back then screwing it on the front then screwing it on the back again just to write another sentence or two was too disruptive. A standard twist cap is interruptive enough. However, an eyedropper would be useful. Attractive as it is, the Mini is headed for the pen drawer though on occasion it might get a peak at daylight just for fun.

Diamine Aurora Borealis is good just like all Diamine inks are though it will have to find another mate. Perhaps one of my Platinum #3776 pens with a clear barrel would be happy to show off an aqua mate. Except when testing ink, I do not fill multiple pens with the same color so the Plat will have to wait until the Wancai Mini is empty. That is taking forever thanks to the bottomless eyedropper. I think the pen fairy must be refilling it when I am not looking. Sigh.



  1. I have found that I enjoy the ink capacity of eyedropper pens, but thank you for the heads up on the annoyance of needing to post a cap in order to use the pen. I think that would be a no-go for me. I also like to pause for thought while writing, and that would bug me.

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    • Yep, that is a deal-breaker for me. Posting is annoying enough but having to screw the cap on and off just to write is unworkable for stop and start writing. Still, it is a very cute pen so there is that in its favor in addition to holding a ton of ink.

      Which eyedropper pen would you recommend? You have more experience with them than I do.


      • I think that any pen which requires posting is going to be a no-go for me. It just doesn’t fit my writing style.

        So far I’ve only used the one eyedropper pen so far, and I know your experience with the Moonman S5 hasn’t matched mine. If I find another one that I like, though, I’ll pop by your blog to let you know.

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  2. It’s too bad you didn’t get a good writing experience with the Wancai. I love mine and have had no issues with it. At the time I purchased it, I had also purchased the Stipula pocket pen, and in comparison, the Stipula seemed cheap and flimsy, plus generous silicone grease was needed and the ink still crept through the threads, threatening to leak. I sent the Stipula back and have kept my Wancai in rotation ever since. Thinking about getting another one.

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    • That’s high praise to consider purchasing a second one.


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