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Recently, Elena asked me about Traveler’s Notebooks and I realized to what extent they have taken over my journal writing. I am on my sixth undated planner (#019), third personal journal (#013) and third collage journal (#003). Also used, if a bit less often, are notebooks for lists and swatches. On occasion, a passport sized notebook hitches a ride in my handbag for notes at events and appointments.

I made the move to Traveler’s when it was Midori and after Moleskine paper failed to meet my standards. I like the customizable format and the variety of handcrafted soft covers that can be found at eBay and Etsy.

I am not in a rut, but am very content to use these with the fude fountain pens, mechanical pencil and gel pen that are always at hand.

None of my current covers are from Traveler’s though I might elect to add one in leather next year. Most of my writing is at my desk so a lightweight cover or even none at all is very workable.

My A5 and A6 notebooks are very jealous of the attention the Traveler’s Notebooks receive though they do get the call to action when removeable paper is needed. At least there is that for the poor things.

What is your favorite notebook? Hobonichi is the one for many writers. Is it yours?


  1. Sorry to disappoint but my journal is whatever I find cheap on Amazon. When the journal is full it goes into the recycling bin. I agree with your comment about moleskin. Their paper is the worst. So I live vicariously through journal reviews.

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    • LOL. Didn’t know reviews could provide a reader with a vicarious experience. The cost of paper can be crazy and there are many brands I do not purchase for just that reason. Like you, I have tossed full journals in the recycling bin. Others I have kept for reference purposes especially for notes about pens and inks as well as ideas for posts.

      Cheap on Amazon is good but how do you know if the paper is fountain pen friendly?

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      • Fountain pen friendly, hmmm … reviews, my past experience with that journal and dumb luck.

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        • You must be a very lucky pen user. Sometimes comments at Amazon can be helpful though my requirements for a paper that works with fountain pen ink might not agree with the standards of some commenters. I used to browse through notebooks at Staples but lockdown curtailed that activity. Then the store near me closed. Amazon has provided a few new brands of paper, but Traveler’s has a form I like with good paper so I am happy with it. I would test a new paper to be sure, but investing in an order is unlikely. A new ink would be more interesting. Of course that is subject to change. Ha!

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  2. As far as my planner goes, I have tried the Hobonichi, but it ultimately didn’t do what I wanted from a planner. I’ve been using the Jibun Techo for years, and that one suits me quite well.

    For my daily journal/commonplace book, I use a Leuchtturm1917. It’s friendly to both fountain pens, and the various things I add to it… photos, stickers, event flyers, etc.

    I’ve thought about a Traveler’s Notebook before, but it seems almost *too* open-ended for my needs. Who knows, though? Maybe someday.

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