Something New In My Arsenal


Sometimes my journal pages need a little flair, but not a time consuming one. So I purchased a few stamps to embellish my writings. Nothing fancy but they certainly are quick to use. With the aid of a blotter, I can close my journal immediately which is handy when I want to keep things private. Colored ink will make them lively and eye-catching not that any eyes ought to be perusing my journal. However, the planner on my desk is an open book, just ripe for some additional adornments and admiration. Dang, this could get addictive!



  1. Who doesnt love stamps? Way better than stickers.

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    • Ha, ha! I will make an exception for stickers that have a transparent background. They look more organic on the page but they are hard to source. Do you use stamps in your journal?

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      • No stickers, no stamps just doodling – stamps are way more fun. Great choices of colors, they don’t look “modern”, they simply look fun. And you can even decorate a wall if you get bored.

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        • LOL! Might want to use washable ink so you can do it over and over again.

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  2. […] leaves and vintage flowers, for their small dimensions and subject matters. Combining them with my new rubber stamps ought to make my journals and notebooks colorful and lively, just the thing for […]


  3. Love Norajane’s peg stamps! I enjoy putting a little personal touch on letters and envelopes, journal pages (my own & those I make for others) and whatever else is within range! ūüėĀ Fun!!

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    • “Whatever else is within range”? I can certainly relate to that.


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