Transparent Sticky Notes


Writing samples on a transparent sticky note. It really is just plastic in the form of a post-it and not suitable for most pens. Disappointed in the performance as it would have been perfect for my latest project, that is if I could write better on it. There will be uses for them so they won’t go to waste. The Pilot Twin Marker works very well on the paper allowing me to mark up a page without leaving a mark. Hmmm. Lots of possibilities there.


  1. depends on the brand of sticky notes. I have some from Japan that are easy to write on. Obviously not with a fountain pen but 95% of all others work.

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    • Cool. Do you remember the brand name and where you bought them?


  2. Looks like a neat idea, but hard to execute well.

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    • It is a good idea with plenty of uses but it is limited since many writing instruments don’t work well with it. Apparently there is a difference between brands so maybe another one would work with a greater variety of inks. On YouTube, I saw someone use transparent post-its with what I think was Aurora Black. Whether it was a different paper than mine or the ink that made the difference, it is possible to pair the pads with fountain pen ink. Just not the paper I purchased.


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