Are You A Pen Collector?


What prompts you to purchase yet another pen? That’s a legitimate question that I examined recently as my online wanderings took me into learning about a line of pens about which I knew nothing. For a few hours, it seemed that a new pen was in my immediate future. Eventually, it struck me as it has many times before, that I did not need another pen. There are pens in my collection that I love but purchases that have thrilled me have been rare. Hey, I can only write with one at a time so why have a hundred of them and want even more?

I grew up in the home of collectors who loved the thrill of the hunt and the satisfaction of bagging anything from fine paintings to tchotchkes. With the exception of a dozen art books, I did not own multiples of anything until I discovered the ease with which a collection could be amassed buying stuff on eBay. From then on, I was doomed.

Using a fountain pen daily prompted me to upgrade from an uninspired modern pen to a vintage Parker ’51’ aerometric with a medium-fine nib. After that I was hooked. When at work, an Esterbrook in a pen holder on my desk was my weapon of choice. When writing for pleasure, either the ’51’ or an even older Vacumatic helped me fill page after page in journals. But why acquire a hundred more? I’ve sold at least fifty to get down to that hundred and that is crazy. True, many were gifts or the spoils from writing reviews. Thus my investment is nowhere near what it could have been. However, storage space is at a premium here and yet my collection grows.

Are you a collector? What makes fountain pens such an easy target of affection?


  1. I am a collector and, even not professionally, of course, a repairer of pens and writing/drawing instruments.
    I love getting a new pen when I want to grow my knowledge about that specific item, that specific technical solution, that particular choice of design, shape, and weight.

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    • When you can repair your own pens, the choices are only limited by budget. What a great way to be a collector! You have more knowledge than most of us, but do you still wind up with pens that don’t make you happy? If so, do you sell or keep them?

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      • Thank you for your kind words!
        About pens that don’t make me happy, that’s a really good point. I usually keep them. My idea is that I feel that happiness is what I decide it to be, so a pen does not really have a positive or negative impact on my perceptions.
        Once I get a pen, I could remain disappointed when I cannot fix it, or when I cannot find in it what I expected from it. But, again, I keep them as a reference. It’s the same with books. I do not give away the books I read, as they gave me something, so I “owe” them my care, respect, and attention.

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        • You must have some very happy books. Pens, too.

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  2. Interesting topic. Fountain pens have always been one of the subjects of my fascination. I’ve used fountain pens for the last decade or so. And within this little time, little has changed in the degree of fascination. In fact, it has only increased. I now own many pens, with matching ink colors (as if you had not guessed that part!). I usually have a few that are day-specific colors. But a few are all-time favorites. As for the answer to your question, it deserves a blog post of its own. I just look for a combination of nib grind, nib material, nib color, pen color, pen material, and ink color—a whole lot of such factors—to enlist what I don’t currently own. Thus begins this never-ending pursuit! 😀 As of now, I think I have 13 pens and 11 ink colors. A nice, beginner’s collection it is, I’d say.

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    • What would be an example of a “day-specific” color? Yes, that’s a very nice beginner’s collection and you are very selective about new purchases. Admirable to be sure.

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      • Oh, thank you. It’s really kind of you to say that I am selective. But, deep down, I know that I do not want to invest a lot of money. As for the day-specific color, I will give you an example. Tuesday is the favorite day of Lord Ganesha, whose favorite color is red. So, every Tuesday, I use my Click Renaissance, in a red-colored (crushed ice finish) acrylic. I have coupled it with Krishna Super Rich Series Buhemia (fuchsia pink color). On Fridays, I use Kanwrite Heritage in Pearl Green color with a Krishna Lyrebird Everyday Turquoise Blue. It is a perfect match between the pen and the ink color. I even wrote a review of that pen on my blog. I’d be delighted if you could pay a visit. 🙂

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        • Ah, I understand now. If you would like me to read a particular post, please send me a link to it. Thanks.


  3. I actually collect all types of pens. Not ‘collect’ collect, per se, but I just end up getting that new pen that ticks the boxes I’m looking for. For me, it’s all about the combo rather than the single tool, so while I enjoy my Pilot 912 FA nib in general, I hate it when I couple it with absorbent paper, or sticky ink.

    Naturally, I also have an unhealthy amount of gel, ballpoint, and rollerball pens. I hate the Pilot G2 in general, but they work great on copy paper. Anyway, thanks for this post!

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    • Very true. The right pen with the right ink on the right paper makes using an FP a pleasure. Otherwise, meh.

      The G2 is not one of my favorites, but the Uniball Signo 307 micro and the Pentel EnerGel Clena 0.5 are always on my desk. Don’t get me started on unhealthy amounts of pens. That would truly be embarrassing.

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      • Oh can I talk about pens forever! Yup, I actually think the G2 is a terrible gel pen, but the reason why I use it is exactly because of that. The more disdain I have for the supplies, the truer my thoughts (at least for me).

        My favourite is the Uniball too! But I prefer the Signo DX. EnerGels are nice, but they tend to bleed through cheaper paper (which is why I use gels in the first place).

        Always lovely to meet a fellow pen fan on WordPress!

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        • Ha, ha. I have yet to use a DX so cannot comment on it. I like the Clena colors. They aren’t too saturated as is my preference with fountain pen ink as well. I tend to like a vintage, muted look. Most of the paper I use is good with FPs so the Clena has little trouble with it.

          Thank you! When I started writing about pens, there were very few blogs and personal websites devoted to them. The community has grown significantly so you should find more than a few like-minded individuals on WP as well as FB and IG. Do you play there, too?


    • BTW I like your website. 🙂

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