Sunday Reads: Searchable Handwritten Notes And Pen Links


Absolutely any fountain pen user can make use of the first article. Evernote has been in my arsenal for years, but archiving handwritten notes elevates it to a whole new level of usefulness.

From the archives:


  1. I need to get back to using Evernote again. I had used it for a while, and then stalled out. I’ve been handwriting more again lately, though, so I think it would be worth it.

    Great other links, too. I really like what Colorverse has been doing. They make some great inks.


    • There is a lot to like about Evernote not the least of which is that it isn’t a Microsoft or Google product. 😀

      Colorverse wins the prize for attractive packaging. The ink comes in a good variety of colors and characteristics. Definitely recommended. Mine came from Pen Chalet but lots of retailers offer the line now. Do you have a favorite color?


  2. I tried Evernote for the handwritten functionality years ago and it was hit or miss for me… mostly miss lol. I will give it another try… still looking for an app that will convert handwriting into text…


    • Handwriting is so varied, it’s hard to imagine a program that would get it right every time. For now, Evernote at least offers a means to preserve back-of-the-envelope or notes-on-a-napkin as searchable. That’s so useful for those of us who are compelled to scribble and jot.


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