Sunday Reads: Best Pocket Pens, Mysterious Gold Object, And A Backstory


Lexington Gray has enjoyed a long term home in one of my Pentel Pocket Brush Pens. Very highly recommended for the calligrapher, artist, doodler in you…

Playtime in a Stillman & Birn Sketchbook


  1. I sadly don’t usually have a pocket in which to carry a fountain pen. (No shirt pockets, and pockets in women’s jeans are laughably small.) But my new Pilot Vanishing Point would be my EDC pocket pen if I had pockets.

    I also have Lexington Gray constantly inked up in one of my pens – a Pilot Metro for me. It’s a good everyday ink. I love it.


    • Which ink is in the VP?

      Lex Gray is lovely for sketching with its expressive shading and tolerance for watercolor. The two pens that are best suited to it are currently otherwise engaged, but when next available will get a whirl with Lex Gray in a Stillman & Birn sketchbook. Now that’s something to look forward to. 🙂


      • I currently have Black Swan English Roses in the VP. It’s a Medium nib, and I love that it provides a just wet enough flow to pick up some of the fun shading in that ink, too. Nothing like a brush pen would do, but certainly more than the Fine nibs.

        I love the Lex Gray for writing, too. It’s warmer and less harsh than a true black would be, yet still looks very professional. It’s possibly my favorite work ink (taking over from the blue-blacks which used to be my go-to inks).

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  2. I love Lex Grey (the only Noodler’s ink I like) and use it often for grisaille, but finally have found a rival — Super5 Frankfurt!


    • Super5 seems like a really good ink. I have Dublin and like the waterproof property. The company does target artists with its calligraphy nibs and watercolor brushes. https://papierlabor.de/en/shop/accessories/super5-water-colour-brush/


      • I’ve not tried any of their other products, but I have Super5 in four or five colors. Like DeAtramentis Document, it really is waterproof ink. I’ve found Noodler’s “waterproof” inks to be waterproof only on some papers. I’ve had it move on a nice drawing and that is really a disaster. I try to remember to test it on the back of a journal or new paper.


        • Noodler’s is waterproof on cellulose, but not rag. Plus if the ink goes down thickly, it won’t be absorbed by the paper. That is why some users add a tiny amount of water to a fill of ink to make it sink in better.


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