The Conklin Duragraph Fountain Pen


My Conklin Duragraph has been the focus of several conversations the past few days so instead of writing a full review, here are a few comments and some images that say all there is to say about this well-priced, attractive and sweet-writing pen.

  • Attractive and well constructed especially at the price point.
  • Nicely balanced and long enough to not need posting.
  • Diameter at the section is very comfortable.
  • Cartridge or converter for easy maintenance.
  • Silver-colored steel stub nib is 1.1mm and smooth with good flow.
  • Good value for money at under $45 from several retailers.

Reviews From The Pen Cup and The Well-Appointed Desk sold me on the Duragraph and I’m so glad they did.

Caveat: I am still working to improve the photos taken with my phone. The colors are off in places and the clarity imperfect, but you can get the general idea regardless.

The Duragraph is available at Amazon and other online retailers.


  1. I picked up a Conklin Stylograph of Christmas and totally love it. I will own more New Conlklins.


    • Which one? I’d like the green Duragraph for my green inks. Maybe later this year.


      • The brown and white mosaic. In 1.1 stub – smooth like butter, but I have a Goulet fine on order also.


        • Nice one. That’s three for three on the stub being smooth. Makes me want a second one. 🙂


  2. Oh, this looks like a gorgeous pen. And I need to get a stub nib of some sort. This one is especially pretty.


  3. They are great pens! i did a review on two of them that I have. The Conklin Duragraph in Amber and the Conklin Stylograph in a brown/red checkered pattern M nib. Both of those pens for me are sweet pens! I may look at a few more in the near future!


    • Thanks for letting me know about your review. I added your blog to the links in the sidebar so pen folk can find you.


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