Which Discontinued Inks Would You Resurrect?


If you could bring back back from the grave a few discontinued inks, which ones would they be?

My list would include

  • Parker Penman Sapphire
  • Noodler’s Tahitian Pearl (A Swisher exclusive)
  • Caran d’Ache Storm
  • Montblanc Racing Green
  • Sailor Brown
  • Parker Penman Ruby
  • Sailor Uranari Green (Pen Gallery LE)

There are others, but these are inks I’ve used enough to know I will miss them when their bottles are empty. There are substitutes and worthy replacements, but no true duplicates for any of these inks. But that just means I get to move on to something new. And that isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Which inks would be on your list?



  1. Caran d’Ache Carribean Sea!!!
    I missed getting this before it was all gone.


  2. Sheaffer’s Peacock Blue (the original formula). I love that ink, but I’m quite happy that there are others that are much the same, such as Waterman’s South Seas Blue (I think they’ve changed the name recently) or a terrific one in Noodler’s Navajo Turquoise (very rich and deep.)


  3. Great topic. MBRG. Caran d’Ache “Colors of the Earth” series. Mont Blanc Midnight Blue. Sailor Sky High.

    As an aside, wondering if there is something in the Sailor Kobe line that comes close to Uranari Green?


    • Possibly, but can’t say with certainty since I don’t have any to make a direct comparison. Do you have some of them?


  4. Ive got two unopened bottles of each of the Parker Penman’s stashed away in storage ! Might be time I dug them out.


    • Considering ink doesn’t live forever, that’s probably a good idea. Enjoy it while you can. 🙂


  5. Parker Penman Sapphire and MB Racing Green ^_^


  6. Definitely Storm!!!!!


  7. Caran D’Ache Storm, I agree !


  8. Sailor Jentle apricot and Sheaffer King’s Gold.


  9. Caran d’Ache Grand Canyon and Storm, MB Racing Green, Sailor Brown, Uranari and Rikyu cha… MB Ghandi, Parker Penman Emerald…


  10. Do you guys know why they discontinue popular colors? I understand Racing Green was very popular, as was Parker Penman Sapphire. Has the company responded?


    • Denise,
      Not to discount rank stupidity, but some colors have been discontinued due to components no longer being available. The EU instituted regulations that necessitated reformulation that altered colors which might have brought about the demise of some of our favorite inks. Don’t get me started on marketing dopes who think the only way to justify their existence is to suggest dumping an entire line and releasing a new, highly over-priced one. Padding the bottom line is the guiding principle. Selling fewer items at a heftier profit suits the suits quite nicely even if it does not breed good will or loyalty amongst consumers. (Insert string of colorful if unprintable invectives.)


  11. Storm and MB violet


  12. Caran D’ache Amazon…Sailor Jentle Apricot…and a number of Montblanc limited editions. There are probably many others.

    On the other hand, I love trying new inks and if some must go so I can try more, that’s going to have to be ok 🙂


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  15. I don’t understand WHY Pilot discontinued SKY HIGH!!!!! I loved that ink. I am always keeping my eyes peeled for some left overs on distant galactic web pages & blogs. I have used the replacement -Souten. It’s not bad. But, it’s not SKY HIGH either 😦


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