You Should Get A Second Opinion


Yesterday, Gourmet Pens posted a review of the Conklin Duragraph 1.1mm stub. I was surprised that the review, while not negative, was not as favorable as mine.  The points made are valid and worth considering if the Duragraph interests you. Two reviews, two perspectives.

My pen reviews tend to be slanted toward the nib, pen performance and comfort because they are more important features to me than appearance or the aesthetics of the box. Build quality ranks just below comfort because I will compromise that to an extent for the sake of a brilliant nib. My reviews will reflect my preferences which is a good reason to read more than one review.

If you can’t find reviews of the pen in question, try one of the message boards where opinions abound. Lots of other things, too, but we won’t go into that here.


  1. I’m sure you would agree that we all have differing opinions and viewpoints on many different subjects. As much as I understand some of your comments and can appreciate them, I’m just not sure what prompted this post. I did read your review before the Gourmet Pens review and can appreciated both viewpoints and I enjoyed both reviews. If you really are interested in a pen, you need to get it in your hand and write with it.


  2. I always appreciate seeing both sides of the spectrum when looking into a own. I have two. ..wait 3 Conklin pens. The perform alright. I do have to send one in for repair…..it broke (not the nib but the body). as


    • How frustrating for you, Ashley. Quite a number of my discontinued and vintage pens have broken and now live a lonely existence in the pen drawer. Your Conklin is of recent manufacture so should be easier to repair. Have you contacted the Yafa Pen Company? They own the Conklin brand.


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