Sunday Reads: Red, Coral And A Shot Of Tequila


It was a colorful week with a rainbow tucked in the middle…

From the archives, a range of red inks.


  1. Hey, just want to say I just pulled my fourth pen out of the mailbox today it’s a vintage 1970’s Sheaffer pen. Unsure of the model but it’s a green colored pen. I test wrote with it today and it was an amazing experience.


    • Congratulations on the new pen. Sheaffer did make some excellent pens during that time period and one that still writes well is a real treat. Did you purchase it from a dealer?


      • Yes, I got it from ebay. The model name is a Matte Fashion. That’s what I just saw on the ebay listing.


        • Ah, eBay. It was my main source for vintage pens years ago. Not all were in good condition and a few sellers misrepresented their offerings. With a little practice, I learned to spot what would suit my needs. It sounds like you have learned how to do that as well.

          Enjoy your new pen. It looks like a sturdy model that should last a very long time.


          • Thank you. May I feel free to tell you about my fountain pen experiences here?


            • Welcome. Write whatever you like here. 🙂


          • Thank you. May I feel free to share my fountain pen experience with you here?


  2. I think Im getting the fountain pen fever. I ordered another pen, this time the iconic Parker 51. Have you ever wrote with one? If so how well does it write?


    • That’s a great pen. I have owned several and enjoyed both the Vacumatcs and the Aeros. They write very well and are very comfortable in the hand. Good choice!


  3. I think I’m getting the fountain pen fever. I purchased another fountain pen, the iconic Parker 51 from the 1940’s. Have you ever wrote with one? If so, how well does it write?


  4. Hey. Got my Parker 51 pen. It’s the 91A version. I have a question, is that vacumatc or the Aero version? Thanks.


    • This is a good site to get better acquainted with the Parker 51: http://parker51.com/. Have fun finding your model. 🙂


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