Sunday Reads: Iroshizuku, Lamy And A Drama Queen


Unlike those silly drama queens seeking attention from social media, this baby’s got the right moves – not too much victim but just enough to earn appreciation for a well-executed whine…


  1. Wow, that Iroshizuku ink really is a lovely color!

    The “death of handwriting” is one of the reasons why I still insist upon sending handwritten (and cursive) letters to my niece and nephew. They don’t respond regularly, but at least I know I’m doing my part to teach them to read cursive. I also am one of the very few people I know who still sends thank you cards. It’s amazing to me how quickly that small courtesy died out.

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    • Iroshizuku does offer some lovely inks and this new one is no exception.

      Good on you for keeping cursive alive. Reading cursive as a skill was a new concept to me just a few years ago. I thought everyone could do it but learned otherwise from family members. Who knew all of those handwritten notes passed in school were part of the learning process and would contribute to the ability to read cursive. My teachers were indeed devious.


      • I hadn’t even considered that handwritten notes might not be passed in school anymore. It boggles the mind.

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        • Students are missing so much these days. Not only did we get a sense of the writer from the penmanship, but we also enjoyed the thrill of getting away with a prohibited activity. Good times!


          • Plus there are so many fun ways to fold up handwritten notes! Text messages might be faster, but they can’t be folded like origami.

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            • 😀


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