A Fountain Pen In “Bad Taste”


The Kaweco Perkeo is an entry-level fountain pen that comes in four color combinations. The “Bad Taste” model is black and a warm pink, the color of Rohrer & Klinger Fernambuk or J. Herbin Rouge Caroubier. I couldn’t resist the name. It’s kind of cool and raunchy at the same time. And an good wake-up call on a gloomy winter’s day.

“Come play with me! I’ve got trouble written all over my sleek body and colorful cap.”

Renowned for quality craftsmanship, Kaweco has been in business since 1883 so they know a thing or two about pens. The lightweight, matte plastic Perkeo is solidly made and comfortable in the hand. It is long enough to use without the cap and well-balanced enough to be used with it. The faceted snap cap is designed to rest solidly on a flat surface so it won’t roll away. All and all, it’s a well-thought-out model that should prove a sturdy companion for years to come.

The stainless steel, iridium tipped nib is stiff, but will give slightly with pressure. It puts down a consistent line thanks to its steady flow. The fine glides well with a little feedback on Rhodia paper. On junk paper, it is a little less smooth. My Lamy Safari nibs might glide a little more easily, but I prefer the grip on the Perkeo. The Pilot Kakuno is comparable in most ways except flow. The Perkeo might be a bit more controlled, but that could just be slight differences in the nibs that only someone who is incredibly picky would notice.

With a light touch, I found the Perkeo pleasant to use on any paper whether for sketching or writing. It scores bonus points for an instant start following a month of no use. That’s a significant advantage for casual writers.

The black and pink model seemed to fight with many colors of ink. However, a stroke of luck paired it with my favorite non-black drawing ink, Noodler’s Lexington Gray, and that settled its future. Not that Lex Gray hasn’t had many suitors, but the Perkeo makes an especially attractive mate and offers a very enjoyable nib for the ink.

The Perkeo uses Kaweco cartridges and converters though International carts should work as well.

Who knew a pen in “Bad Taste” would be such a find?

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Kaweco Perkeo “Bad Taste” fine nib

Cartridges in grey and black

Kaweco Converter

Noodler’s Lexington Gray

The Well-Appointed Desk has a review, too.



  1. I have a pair of Perkeos, although in the Old Chambray and Cotton Candy colours. Both have medium, silver coloured nibs. Yes, they write well, and start easily. Personally I do find the nibs to have a little bit of bounce, which I like (compared to say a Lamy Safari nib). As for build quality, they are of a tough material and nice to hold, but on one of mine the barrel still has some movement in it even when screwed down to the section.

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    • Those are attractive colors. I’d probably go for the Chambray and try the uncoated stainless nib should I buy a second one. That wobbly one must be a disappointment, but at least you can still write with it. Have you found any inks you would recommend for a Perkeo?

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      • I am using the Kaweco royal blue cartridges that were included with the pen, which are good. It is very convenient to be able to use any standard international cartridges and have room for a spare.

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        • The cart that came with mine wandered off, but they are convenient especially for work or travel. I have a couple of boxes of Kaweco carts that will get put to use soon in either the Perkeo or a Sport depending on which pen gets hungry first.

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  2. That’s a cool-looking pen! How easy is it to clean the nib unit on that one? That’s my biggest complaint about the Lamy Safari I have… it’s just so annoying to clean compared to my Metros.


    • As long as the ink still flows, I haven’t had a problem with any of them. A water soak will handle dried ink, but it does take a little time. When I lack that, a few drops of Koh-I-Noor Rapido-Eze Pen Cleaner or one of the products offered by ink and pen companies added to the water, will move cleaning along more quickly.

      The Lamy nib is quite good for the price range, but the grip is not as comfortable as I would like. The Perkeo has a wider grip so it is getting more use these days. The Metro and the Kakuno are my other low-end workhorses. Can’t fault them whatsoever.

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      • Sounds good! I’ve been looking for something like the Lamy but which suits me better, so the Perkeo might just be it! Thanks for the review.

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      • The nib and feed of the Perkeo are friction fit, so quite easy to pull out and clean if you want to, rather than flushing or soaking in situ.

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  4. Can I swap out the Perkeo nib for a 1.9 or not?


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