Sunday Reads: Handwriting, Color, And Making Movies


Another eclectic mix…


  1. That’s an interesting article about handwriting and culture. I do suspect that with all the YouTube handwriting tutorials available, regional handwriting styles are going to fade faster than they had been before, as those who are still writing by hand start learning styles from people in completely different locations.

    I am sad to have missed the San Francisco pen show (though my wallet is happy) with it being so close to home. But I’m still new to the social part of being a fountain pen addict! Reading the Odyssey about it, though, makes me determined to make it there next year.

    Fun writing sample, too! I do so love Noodler’s AU Roses ink.


    • Hopefully handwriting will retain some uniqueness and not become an homogenized bore.

      Lots of time to save some money for the pen show. Piggy bank?

      English Roses is more muted than AU and has suited me better in recent months. Honestly, I am so fickle! I know my inks are not amused to get unceremoniously dumped over my latest whim. 😉


      • Hopefully handwriting will stay unique! I know that mine probably will, at least, since I don’t have the patience to learn the fancy stuff. 😉

        I’m going to have to set aside pen money for next year’s SF pen show…

        I have both English and AU Roses, and have had English Roses inked up in my VP for a few months. However, it’s not bold enough for my current mood, so I might switch to AU Roses. 🙂 LOL, poor inks. 😉


        • AU Roses has been in my autumn through winter rotation a number of times. “Bold” is a good word for it. Apache Sunset is another good Noodler’s Ink for this time of year. Can’t beat the shading it produces.


          • I considered Noodler’s Apache Sunset, but ended up with Diamine Sunset instead. It’s getting inked up for autumn sometime this week. 🙂 It doesn’t shade as much as the Noodler’s one, but I love the color.


            • Loving the color makes it the right ink!


              • This is true! Though I love soooo many of the ink colors… 😉


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