Sunday Reads: Fountain Pens, Paper, and One Very Lucky Dog


Gobsmacked by the first link. Mother Nature is a very confused lady…

Japanese Flex Nibs

From left to right, Platinum #3776 Century Fine Flex (FF), Pilot Custom 742 Falcon (FA), and the Namiki Falcon Soft Fine (SF). None of the nibs are damaged but they do have little touches of ink here and there.






  1. I love the links this week! Interesting comparison between user and collector… and that makes me feel a lot better. I was starting to feel that I have too many pens, but I’ve only got … 10? 11? pens. Makes me not feel at all guilty about wanting more of them! 🙂


    • Sounds like a bit of enabling occurred. 😉


      • Uuummmm…. no comment. 😉


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