Sunday Reads: Pens, Hummingbirds, and Elephants


Elephants and hummingbirds fascinate me so this past week offered some special treats. A watercolor demonstration has inspired me to try painting elephants. It’s way outside my skill level, but fun nevertheless…

Anyone else a sucker for demos?


  1. I love your pen collection! I’m a sucker for demonstrators too, but only have a couple of them. They’re the ones that tempt me the most, though!

    Great Wired article on FPs! I love that fountain pens have become mainstream enough to hit big in popular publications (while still being rare enough that people exclaim over seeing me use one).


    • Glad you like the pens. Some of the Pels moved in nearly ten years ago. They were always in rotation until I met the Platinum #3776 music nib and the Platinum Century models. Now they dominate. Yeah, demonstrators, a healthy if expensive addiction.


      • I really love my more expensive pens (TWSBI Diamond and Pilot VP) yet find myself itching to try a music nib. It’s not yet in my price range, but eventually… My only worry is that expensive pens seem to be more addictive than the cheap ones…


        • Too true!


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