Sunday Reads: Pens, Paper And Stuff For Lefties


Recently, Rodney sent a letter affixed with sealing wax, a delightful surprise. Admittedly and not for the first time, I almost succumbed to yet another hobby. Then I ran across GeekTells post about his descent into the cauldron. Is resistance futile?

A Comparison of Two Namiki Falcon Nibs


  1. Great reviews! I have to admit: I, too, have “fallen into a cauldron of sealing wax,” though I wouldn’t have ever thought to word it so cleverly. I’ve been using wax seals off and on for a long time, but have only recently gotten back to it and started to get more particular about it.

    (One thing to beware of with wax seals: the USPS doesn’t play nicely with them. If you’re going to send something sealed with a wax seal through the mail, you will need to be careful to use a flexible wax. Even then, it’s a good idea to consider using a double envelope and put the wax seal on the interior envelope.)


    • Cauldrons are rather rare these days. One filled with a bubbling, colorful brew does sounds intriguing.

      Thanks for the tip about flexible wax. It’s a good one.


  2. Thanks so much for sharing my link, I really appreciate it!


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