A Good Ink For Bad Paper


Sometimes you just get lucky. Last night I was doodling on scrap paper and discovered that Diamine Peach Haze works brilliantly on 20# copy paper even from a 1.1mm italic nib. Who knew?

Peach Haze is brighter and more neon orange than the image, but the lack of feathering on cheap paper is impressive. However, there is show-through and bleed-through, if you are keeping score.


  1. Have you tried it on “good” paper?


    • Mike, Peach Haze is slow to dry on Rhodia paper with the Duragraph 1.1 italic, but the nib is very free flowing. I just tried it on the back of a junk envelope and it dried in about 5 seconds. Absorbent paper seems to be its forte.


      • Thanks, a really nice shade of ink.


        • The photos I’ve taken of it really don’t do it justice. My camera isn’t up to the task even if it is a Canon. Peach Haze is almost neon and somewhat translucent. It’s very hard to describe.


  2. […] consistent line with the lightest touch. No feathering though some of the outlines are rough. Like Diamine Peach Haze, it did bleed and show through on copy paper. All my hand noticed was that the writing was smooth […]


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