Diamine Aqua Blue


Aqua is one of my happy colors especially in a transparent pen. While going through old color swatches, I came across a squiggle of Diamine Aqua Blue and that squiggle is all the use it ever got. Nothing wrong with it, but other colors clamored more loudly for attention and so it got pushed to the back of the shelf.

Two days ago Aqua looked just right so the bottle moved to the front of the queue. The stingy Nemosine 0.8 italic nib volunteered to take it for a test drive probably thinking the ink would not be up to the task. Much to everyone’s surprise, on cheap paper the duo produced a very consistent line with the lightest touch. No feathering though some of the outlines are rough. Like Diamine Peach Haze, it did bleed and show through on copy paper. All my hand noticed was that the writing was smooth and stress free. The nib didn’t skate, but it did move comfortably well.

Mild shading is more pronounced on Clairefontaine though the nib didn’t glide quite as easily on the coated surface. No feathering, bleed-through or show-through, but Clairefontaine never has those problems anyway.

Whether a short-term problem or a long-term condition, there are times when writing can be a challenge. At the end of a long day and for the effortless writing, Diamine Aqua Blue is a rich color that makes filling pages with swirls, letters and doodles a delightful activity.


  1. great mix of pen and ink 🙂 They really fit each other. And while Aqua is a tad too light for my personal liking, I do like the look of it.

    Thanks also for the close-up pictures. It’s always good to see how it behaves on different paper close-up. I dislike it on copy paper, but that’s no surprise I think. 🙂

    Great post, thank you.


    • Yes, the aqua pen and ink are well-suited. 🙂

      Sometimes it is difficult to get enough light for a close-up. I was talking about it with my son this evening who is helping me find a better lighting solution than being limited to mornings. It will be my next investment in Inkophile so pens and inks will just have to wait.

      BTW I added your blog to the list of blogs in my sidebar. 🙂

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      • I heard a box (insides white) is helping a great deal with the lighting. A friend of mine is a photographer. He suggested that (I have yet to find a good box 😛 )
        Perhaps that helps.

        Thank you 🙂 I appreciate it.


        • That’s exactly what I intend to purchase with my Amazon Affiliate earnings. 🙂


          • 🙂 well then, good call I’d say. I’ll cross my fingers for that, then. and want to hear about it here.


            • Will keep you up to date. 🙂


  2. Another lovely ink that i must add to the list. =)


    • I gotta ask. Are there really any ugly inks? 😀


      • good point!


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