Orange As An Antidote


To counter the gray day, color invaded my desk.

What perks up your day?


  1. Right now, my Edison Collier persimmon swirl pen is inked with Noodler’s Apache Sunset. Prior to that, I was using Diamine’s Pumpkin colour. Those colours are always a hit, and also any of the peacock-blue shades, such as Waterman’s South Seas Blue (I realize it’s been re-named), or Noodler’s Black Swan in Australian Roses.


  2. I love that shade of orange!


    • Yes, it’s a nice shade. I’d also like to try Diamine Meadow or Private Reserve Spearmint — shades that are a bit lighter than some of the usual greens that are out there.


  3. Good photo! Orange is always a color that lifts my spirits. And, yellow.


    • The camera did not make nice with the orange. It took lots of photos to get one that kinda, sorta does the color justice. Hopefully, it turned out fairly close.

      I like yellow, too, but not so much in ink. For several years, my childhood bedroom was yellow and provided a cheerful way to begin the day. Is there a yellow ink you like?


  4. My favorite yellow right now is J. Herbin Ambre de Birmanie. A bit of mustardy-gold mixed in makes it not so bright that you can’t see it on white paper.


    • Ambre de Birmanie is a nice one and good with a wide nib. I used it a few months ago and will bring it back into my rotation when I switch to spring colors. It’s another good reason to find a white paper for my journal. It’s just the sort of thing to post on Instagram and I want the color to be as accurate as possible. 🙂


  5. Mmm, this orange is delectable!


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