Sailor Jentle Inks Now Related to Dodo Bird


Yep, it appears Sailor is retiring most if not all of the line. <insert multiple expletives> Check out the discussion at Fountain Pen Network, but I did confirm with a retailer that Sailor Jentle Inks are being discontinued. It is unclear what will be available in the future. Stock up if you have a favorite. Inventory is dwindling rapidly.

Update: Please read the comments for some additional information from a retailer.



  1. Herblock’s Law: “If it’s good, they’ll stop making it.”


    • So true!


  2. Nnnooooo 😦


  3. No way nooooo!


  4. I’m heartbroken 😥
    I knew this day would come…

    Curse you Sailor!!
    Curse you for letting us fall in love with the Epinard, the Grenade, Ultramarine, Sky High.

    And then pulling the rug from under us.

    I already have a healthy stockpile of said inks (in case of a nuclear holocaust, maybe, or heaven forbid, it gets discontinued, and hark! lo, the day has come)

    I say again..

    Curse you Sailor!!


  5. What will be left? Why, the more expensive ’boutique’ inks of course. What a blatant cash grab, I’m not impressed. I’ll bet Pelikan is, though.


  6. Not all of the Jentle inks are on the list. The Jentle Black, Blue, and Blue-Black are not planned to be eliminated. The US Itoya rep is still waiting for confirmation from Japan, that this is actually happening.

    I DO know that the US stock of ink is still healthy at Itoya, the US distributor – we have much of it in the store, and have a LARGE order of the current inks due to arrive in a day or 2, plus another order that will be placed next week, that should be enough to cover ink needs for a long while.

    Lisa Anderson
    Anderson Pens


    • A retailer confirmed that Sailor has discontinued Sky Blue, Ultramarine Purple, Grenade Red, and Epinard Green before I posted about it. The FPN thread had more info on the matter. It conflicts with your info so we will just have to wait to see how things turn out. In the meantime, diehard fans may want to order an extra bottle or two while supplies are abundant. It’s not like the ink won’t get used up eventually. 🙂


      • I think we both said the same thing, just differently. The Jentle Blue, Jentle Blue-Black, and Jentle Black are not being effected. That has been confirmed by Itoya USA.

        If some colors are being discontinued from the current line, it would not include the ones I listed above. So, yes, the Sky High, Epinard, Grenade, Apricot, Peche, and Ultramarine may be on the hit list of inks to be eliminated. Itoya USA has not yet confirmed that with us, and we are a retailer.

        I HAVE confirmed that there are plenty of all of the inks available in the warehouse, and we placed a huge order just in case, that already shows as shipped, so there is no cause for panic just yet.

        Itoya also confirmed that if the inks will be discontinued, they will have the opportunity to import one (or more) last big batch into the US for all of us.

        Some of the inks are very pretty, and it will be a shame to lose them if it happens.

        Lisa Anderson


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