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Sunday Reads: Pens and Inks Plus Two Giveaways


Hurry, hurry, hurry. Giveaways ending soon…

My Summer Inks from 2012


Sunday Reads: Ink, Guides and Games


Busy week for me. Slow week for links…

Ink Rotation from the Summer of 2010


Sunday Reads: From Montblanc To India To Bamboo Pens


Pens, inks and all sorts of other stuff…

Platinum #3776 Music Nib and friends meet a Stillman & Birn Sketchbook:



Additional Note On Vanishing Inks


Even amongst retailers there is different information about the future of the Sailor Jentle line of inks. Read the comments to yesterday’s post for the latest. It does appear that Sailor has discontinued Sky Blue, Ultramarine Purple, Grenade Red, and Epinard Green though supplies might take some time to vanish from shelves. There is no indication that black, blue or blue-black will be discontinued. Whether or not there will be some new colors or a reissue of old colors is only fodder for rumor at this point.

My experience with discontinued ink is that it disappears fairly quickly. Folks stockpile favorites and that’s easy to understand. Some retailers will run out sooner than others. So if you want to purchase from a favorite retailer, don’t wait too long, but you might not want to get too crazy about it. While there is no guarantee ink will continue to be viable years from now, Sailor’s formula seems to be one of the better contenders for longish shelf life. For that reason alone, I am disappointed they seem to be reducing their offering.

Much as I love a number of inks, there are only a couple of discontinued ones I will miss when my stash is gone. Sailor Brown which met its demise a few years ago is the perfect mate for my Namiki Falcon, but when the bottle is empty, he will find a new companion or have a heck of a good time testing a slew of suitors. There are so many choices today and the list expands every year. Surely if there is an empty space on your ink shelf, something will come along to fill it. And you might even like the new ink better.


Sailor Jentle Inks Now Related to Dodo Bird


Yep, it appears Sailor is retiring most if not all of the line. <insert multiple expletives> Check out the discussion at Fountain Pen Network, but I did confirm with a retailer that Sailor Jentle Inks are being discontinued. It is unclear what will be available in the future. Stock up if you have a favorite. Inventory is dwindling rapidly.

Update: Please read the comments for some additional information from a retailer.

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