Watercolor Travel Sets for Sale


Are you interested in painting with watercolors? Now that it’s summer and vacation season in the U.S., one of my unused travel sets might be just the thing to get you painting on the road.

  • W&N Cotman Compact Set – 14 half-pan set filled with student grade paint. Cardboard sleeve is a little warn at corners. $20
  • Rembrandt Luxury Pocket Box – 12 half-pan set in a plastic case with five mixing areas and a sable brush. $50
  • Schmincke Horadam Finest Artists’ Watercolours – 12 half-pan set with DaVinci #5 travel brush. Retail for the paint and brush would be at least $111 though I don’t know if the half-pans are available in the U.S. Pegasus has the empty box for $29 but that’s UK shipping. Not as keen to sell this one but will consider offers.

U.S. buyers only. Add shipping via USPS Priority Mail at current rates. If you want two sets and they will fit in the same box, there will be no extra charge. If a larger box is needed, then shipping will be at cost. Additional insurance will be at cost as well. Buyer assumes all risk for uninsured items.

If interested send email to inkophile*at*gmail.com or post a comment. I moderate those and will reply privately so your info will not be made public.

Update: Schmincke half-pans are available in the US at Wet Paint Art, NY Central Art Supply, and The Fine Art Store.



  1. The Cotman set would be a great buy for someone just starting out – I have their “Sketchers” box, as I’ve wanted to experiment with watercolours for a while, and I love it so far.


  2. […] Watercolor sets for sale. […]


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