Sunday Reads: Pens, Ink, And Pups


Not in the market for a new pen, but if I were, the PenBBS Vac would be on my list. What’s on yours?


  1. I’m not in the market for a new pen either, but if I was I would probably look into the TWSBI minis. I have a vac mini, but I’ve decided I don’t really like vacuum fillers, so I don’t use it as much as I had expected to.


    • TWSBI does make nice pens and you like the size of the mini. It sounds like a good prospect for you someday. There are only two pens on my desk today, one of which is a 580 1.1 stub with Diamine Violet. The clear barrel is perfect for such a colorful ink though something in orange might look a bit more seasonal. One of the clear #3776 Platinum Pens will have to make friends with something in orange. Dang, I am easily distracted. Work will just have to wait. Pens are so much more interesting!


      • Pens are more interesting for sure! I ended up picking up some Lie de The, and it’s in my TWSBI Eco for the fall season. I haven’t brought out any oranges yet, though that might change if I get in the mood. The Lie de The is pretty on paper, but doesn’t look quite as good in the clear barrel as some of the orange inks do.


        • Pretty on paper is good. Now that you mention Lie de The, I might have to load it into the amber Conklin Duragraph or the mink Levenger True Writer for the season. Choices!


          • I find it hard to believe that it took me this long to try Lie de The. Now I’m wonderingwhich other inks I’ve been completely overlooking because they don’t get the “new! shiny!” hype promotions.


            • Considering there were hundreds of inks on the market before the latest sheen, sparkly, highly saturated trends emerged, dozens were worth owning. The ink world is crazy huge now. How is an inkophile expected to keep up? Samples help but I have no other suggestions. Love the ones you have even if they aren’t perfect and they will love you back.


              • Good point. There are too many to try them all, and I did buy the ones I have for a reason.

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                • For personal use, I tend to buy from manufacturers whose inks I have liked in the past. It’s a matter of trust. What are your criteria?


                  • It needs to be predictable and aesthetically pleasing. While I fell in love with some of the glittery inks, for example, they are not predictable and so I don’t use them much anymore. Trust is huge, though. I completely agree with that.

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                    • Do you think glittery inks are a fad or here to stay?


                    • I think they’re a fad, personally. They don’t play well with so many pens. Even my wettest flow pens clog up sometimes due to the glitter, so I’ve stopped buying them and rarely use the ones I already own.

                      If one of the new shiny ink styles is going to stay, I think it will be the super-sheen inks. They have a lot of the similar eye-catching properties as the glitter, without the clog-factor.

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                    • Do you have a favorite?


                    • I’m partial to some of the Robert Oster inks. They’re not as high-sheen as some of the others, but they have a nice subtle effect. Fire & Ice is a favorite, as is Peppermint.

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                    • I am overdue to explore the Robert Oster inks. One of these days…


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