Sunday Reads: Pens, Dogs, And Watermelon


Pen and ink links with a few others just for fun…


  1. Wow. I’m not a fan of wasps, but those are some neat nests.


    • Wasps aren’t my favorite species, but those multi-hued nests are beautiful. Reminds me of one of my dog’s droppings after consuming a partial box of crayons.


      • Oh no! I hope your dog is okay…


        • That was a very long time ago and the dog was fine. Apparently crayons are benign at least for dogs. Since I didn’t know she had gotten into my son’s art supplies, the “product” was quite a surprise. It was a mystery at first and worthy of much laughter as well as retelling in the ensuing years.


          • Oh good! And at least she ate enough of a rainbow that you didn’t think it was blood. I didn’t know that crayons were benign to dogs, but I also didn’t know dogs would be interested in eating them! My family’s never did, at least as far as I know…

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