Sunday Reads: Pens, Inks And Giant Doodles


Long missives on luscious paper written with the perfect fountain pen and luxurious ink may well be the ideal antidote to the censorship strategies of social media titans. Write what you like where no prying eyes or arcane algorithms can label your thoughts and relegate you to the dustbin of irreversible membership cancellation. A pox on all of their houses or did someone already say that?



  1. Interesting list about the pocket pens from The Gentleman Stationer. However, as a woman, I rarely have pockets in which to carry pens. I found it particularly interesting to look at which items on his list of criteria actually mattered for my personal EDC pen list.

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    • Like you, I have little use for pens designed for a pocket. However, these compact pens fit in a diminutive evening bag and travel well with a very small journal. So they can fit a rotation for those lacking a shirt pocket.


      • This is very true! But I’m less worried about some of the problems he presented with small fountain pens, so I want small FPs I can carry in itty bitty evening bags. (Next on my wishlist is a TWSBI Mini of one variety or another.)

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