Sunday Reads: New Products, Ink And Paper


The ink samples were irresistible so I only ordered ten…


  1. Ooh, the sheen on those Blackstone inks is lovely! I’ll have to look into those in more detail…

    And I love calling paper the “killer app”. It’s true; I have always loved the act of writing things down, even as my smartphone developed more apps which supposedly do the same things as my hand-written to-do lists and notebooks.


    • My order from Anderson Pens includes two Blackstone inks. Sheen can be a challenge to photograph, but I will give feedback regardless.

      Heh. I still hoard paper and all too often will make notes on the back of an envelope. IMHO a smartphone is no match for pen and paper. My family thinks the opposite for the most part. *sigh* You can only do so much when raising kids. 😉


      • Oh well. It could be that they will change their minds eventually. And I, too, am more likely to use the cheap notepads that come from charities with donation requests than the fancy notepads I actually purchase…


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