This Gold Glyph Is Mesmerizing


From Office Supply Geek

That’s a very supple dip pen with a calligraphy ink that is not intended for use in a fountain pen. Pretty, eh?



  1. What ink is this?!?!?! Must. Own. This. Ink.


    • Good question for which I have no answer. Perhaps a reader will recognize it and share the name with us.


  2. I would love to know the ink as well as the calligraphy nib type!


  3. I saw this on Tumblr about a week ago and wondered the same thing. mesmerizing, isn’t it?


  4. The gold almost looks like gouache to me (maybe Turner’s orange gold, but you all know how hard it is to judge color on a computer monitor). The way something that seems like pigment gathers on the shade just where the cross stroke exits just doesn’t look like ink. Though if it were gouache I’d have expected the artist to have painted it on the underside of the nib instead of dipping it.

    As for the nib, I can’t quite make it out. The nibs commonly in use by pointed pen folks are usually darker, with the exception of G nibs, and that’s not a G nib.


    • Thanks for the info, Joseph. Gouache would explain the seeming thickness of the fluid. There is a discussion at Reddit about the ink where it is thought to be Winsor & Newton Calligraphy Ink. Very attractive whatever it is.


      • It seems a bit more orange than W&N ink, but again that may be my monitor.

        For reference, the common gold writing fluids used by pointed pen people are Winsor & Newton calligraphy ink, Schmincke Pearlescent Gold gouache, Dr. Ph. Martin’s Iridescent and Spectralite golds, and Finetec gold watercolor (comes in a set of six, Arabic Gold being everybody’s favorite). None of these work in a fountain pen, alas, though I’ve heard of people using them in the Pilot Parallel Pen.

        I’ve made sparkly writing fluids using PearlEx pigments bound with gum arabic, but there are easier ways to get a gold. A neat trick for punching up gold watercolor is to sprinkle some Schmincke Tro-Col powder on it (there are three golds).


        • Thanks for pointing us in the right direction. There is a package of PearlEx pigments around here somewhere as well as a bottle of gold W&N Calligraphy ink. Whenever they turn up, a little experimenting will be in order.


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  6. I was reading the official Zentangle blog and gouache was mentioned as well. ” Gouache is a watercolor-like paint in a tube with a little more gravitas than the usual watercolor. I used a Turner® Gold Orange and a Holbein® Brilliant Gold. Both of these tubes of paint (approximately 0.5 ounces each) are a hefty investment . . . each around $20 a tube. I tell you all this because, well, someone is bound to ask! ” the link, if you are curious is http://zentangle.blogspot.com/2013/12/day-5.html


  7. If you go to your local ceramics or china shop, they should have something on hand. We like to polish rocks then detail them in gold. We fire them and you can’t believe how beautiful they get.

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