Airmail Stationery Via Amazon


Do you have a fondness for airmail stationery? That thin, crinkly, onion skin paper has cachet to spare and usually works beautifully with fountain pen ink. A few years ago there was scant supply in the U.S. and I counted myself lucky to have found a tiny quantity that I have hoarded ever since. Today I was delighted to discover several products at Amazon. Are you interested?


  1. I have found onion skin paper by the ream at the Paper Mill online. It’s a German made paper and they list it as “Onion Skin”. It’s lovely paper.

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    • I was just going to mention the same as lexi0514. It’s a great paper and not limited to writing with fountain pens. Inkjet inks look extra nice as well.


    • Good stuff indeed. I wrote a post on onion skin paper a year ago with links to it at two sources. 🙂


  2. Not on Amazon, thank you.


  3. As the child and grandchild of relatives who left the old country (Denmark) in the 60s, I have happy memories of this stationery. Stacks of it, coming and going, used and carefully re-folded, or about to be used and pristine…all representing bonds that the diligent efforts off everyone involved kept in tact for almost four decades; until e-mail provided communication that was both free and far more expedient. Just not as…touchable.

    I’d love some of my own. 🙂


    • Well said. I had a pen pal who used airmail stationery and it was a pleasure to receive a letter. Fond memories.

      Note that the separate envelopes currently offered may be made of ordinary paper rather than the paper used with airmail stationery.

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    • In my family it was to and from the Netherlands, and for about as long. My father used to eagerly await the arrivals of letters so he could get the postage stamps for his collection, and then ride his bike to the local post office to select an array of U.S. stamps for the outbound letters and his cousins in Doorn.

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      • Ah, stamps. Yet another addiction/hobby. What happened to your father’s collection?


        • I’m eighteen, and I have younger brothers at sixteen, fifteen and thirteen. The youngest has more-or-less taken over the collection. My weakness is collecting mechanical pencils of the old U.S. “standard” and “fine” lead thicknesses… which are 1.1 mm and 0.9 mm now. I’m a civil engineering major and tend to write and draw with a heavy hand so the thinner leads have a very high mortality rate! I can’t afford higher quality fountain pens but I do write and take notes with them. The new disposable pens and the several beginners’ fountain pens are the ones I use. Using a fountain pen creates a lot of interest among fellow students. As does using an old Keuffel and Esser Decilon slide rule that I taught myself to use! I have a small slide rule collection as well.


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