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Noodler’s, Clairefontaine And A Lamy


They didn’t walk into a bar together, but they did join forces at my desk. Noodler’s Black, a Clairefontaine notebook and a Lamy AL-Star EF make a delightful trio that is suitable for use anywhere including that bar. Unlike my fancy, schmancy pens, $40 bottles of ink, and leather-bound journals, this set-up could get lost or destroyed and then easily replaced without busting my budget.

What makes these three tools so special? The Lamy may not be the most comfortable pen, but for the smooth nib, a little discomfort can be tolerated. Noodler’s Black makes every fountain pen a winner and gets my unqualified vote of confidence. Clairefontaine paper is good with any ink and available at a wide variety of retailers including Writers Bloc from whence mine came. Put the three together and this is what you get.


Best Fountain Pen Product You Don’t Own


This blunt tip needle bottle is a terrific tool for filling cartridges or even some pens. Got to get me one of these or maybe several.

Blunt Tip Needle Bottle For Refilling Ink Cartridges From Writer's Bloc

Blunt Tip Needle Bottle For Refilling Ink Cartridges From Writer’s Bloc

Additional remarks from a conversation with Leigh Reyes:

  • a great place to store that last bit of ink that is so hard to suck up from the bottom of an ink bottle
  • use it to mix small quantities of or to dilute inks
  • it would be pretty easy to flush in between colors
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