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Sunday Reads: Coffee, Ebonite, And Vinyls


Pressing records again? New ebonite pens? Bedding made from coffee grounds? What’ll they think of next!

Waterman’s 54 with Pink Nib


Sunday Reads: Charity Auction, A Pilot Kakuno, Game of Thrones Pens


Did you know Captain Kirk used to show horses? I saw him once and he was very good. He is a man of many talents and earns high marks for putting together a silent charity auction of entertainment memorabilia. Perhaps an item or two will interest you…

The Pilot Kakuno has a delightful expression, perfect to brighten any day.



Paperblanks and Jackson’s Watercolors


Here’s a peak at reviews coming soon…

paperblanks journal

paperblanks – gorgeous and good with Noodler’s inks but not so much with R&K

Jackson's Watercolors

Jackson’s Watercolours – rich colors and a dollop of honey

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