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Sunday Reads: Ink, Guides and Games


Busy week for me. Slow week for links…

Ink Rotation from the Summer of 2010


Do You Favor Any Of These Inks?


Introduced mostly through mutual friends, these are the inks that have captured my fancy this year:

  • Akkerman #18 Garuda Road
  • Akkerman #24 Zuiderpark Blauw-Groen
  • Akkerman #28 Hofkwartier Groen
  • Akkerman #26 Groenmarkt Smaragd
  • De Atramentis Cola Ink
  • Diamine Marine
  • Diamine Merlot
  • Diamine Tyrian Purple
  • Diamine Wild Strawberry
  • J. Herbin Rouge Caroubier
  • Noodler’s Park Red
  • Platinum Mixable Ink Aqua Blue
  • Platinum Mixable Ink Silky Purple
  • Platinum Pigment Rose
  • Sailor Miruai
  • Sailor Souten
  • Stipula Calamo Saffron
  • Super 5 Dublin

Two old favorites reemerged as good mates for a variety of pens.

  • Noodler’s Purple Martin
  • Stipula Calamo Verde Muschiato

Are any of these inks in your rotation? Which inks in your collection have emerged as special this year?

A big thank you to the folks who contributed to my wealth of new inks:


Where Did It Go?


Has half the year gone by already? Sheesh. Where did the days go? At least some if them went into research and testing more inks than I can count. A few of those results have been posted, but there are more to come.

Most recently I experimented with Platinum Pigment Inks from Luxury Brands USA and the results have been eye-opening. Lisa Vanness assured me the line is safe for my pens so I loaded Blue and Rose Red into a couple of Platinum pens. Happily, the inks turned out to be undaunted by even the Moleskine challenge. The only drawback so far is that the Blue in a wet nib can be slow to dry on some brands of paper though the Rose Red less so. Pen-ink-paper matching applies.

An amber Conklin Duragraph 1.1 Stub joined the herd a couple of months ago. It won’t get a separate review since the cracked ice model got its due in January. Suffice to say it’s a smooth, wet writer with a hint of feedback. It isn’t for everyone, but will suit those of us who enjoy a wide nib with tons of flow. Oh, yeah!

Early in the year and after reading many posts and watching dozens of videos about the best planners and how to utilize them, I concluded that using plain grid paper would be something different and interesting for 2015. So I began collecting a few products in the pursuit of paper bliss. Thanks to Jet Pens, paper-oh, and Exaclair, things got off to a good start. But then friends donated a few more and notebooks are still arriving. So the comprehensive review has gone on the back burner until all of the paper arrives. The test pens have been loaded for months and keeping fifteen of them happy has been quite the challenge. A few have complained which I find quite cheeky. That got sorted with the miscreants by a thorough cleaning and a return to the pen drawer. Hrumph!

One of these days, when the lighting conditions are just right, there are at least eight pages of ink tests on Moleskine paper that will get photographed. Not sure any text will be needed for the post since the results will speak for themselves.

Old notebook covers have been pressed into service with new paper notebooks that are ink friendly. That made me rethink tossing even the most shabby ones. With the right paper, re-purposing is easy. This is one virtue that is a bargain.

Over the next few months, the plan is to mix things up with ink and grid journal reviews along with other subjects pen-related. However, there might be a sprinkling of notes about my rescue dog, Macy, should she sit still long enough for a photo. If you want more of one than the other, do let me know and I will try to oblige.

Note that Rose Red leans more orange than the image. Some colors just do not want to be photographed correctly and this red is one of them.




Small Akkerman Inks Now At Vanness


As foretold on Inkophile and per the Vanness website:

WE NOW OFFER AKKERMAN IN THE 60ML BOTTLES- it will not be available on our website- Orders can be placed by calling the store or by emailing us.

No info on the price per bottle, but it seems they are offering free shipping with a purchase of four. Anyone interested?


Akkerman Fountain Pen Ink


Another one of those little birdies delivered a sweet rumor that Vanness Pen Shop has a stock of Akkerman Fountain Pen Ink in the 60ml size. Now that the 120ml bottles are no longer available, the smaller bottles will have to do. With free shipping for a qualified order, it might be time to give this ink a whirl.


The New Wahl-Eversharp Fountain Pen


Once upon a time, I owned a couple of vintage Wahl-Eversharp fountain pens. The nibs were lovely, but eventually those lever-fillers got sold in favor of pens that were  easier to clean. The nibs have never been forgotten. Soft-flex and smooth in a light-weight pen and perfect for long sessions. This past week I was delighted to learn that Syd Saperstein, the #1 cheerleader for vintage Wahl-Eversharp, has resurrected the brand with nibs that have a soft-flex feel. Despite a lack of experience with the new version, I trust Syd from past experience as he did an excellent job of repairing my vintage pens. If you want to give a flexible nib a try, a Wahl-Eversharp could be just the thing.

Oh, and now that they are produced as cartridge/converter fillers, a Wahl-Eversharp fountain pen is on my wish list even if there isn’t a flex stub in the line-up. Maybe in future…

Syd via LinkedIn: “Admittedly I am prejudiced in favor of our new nibs. We had to start with a middle of the flex range semi flex due to trying to meet most peoples needs with the first offerings. It compares favorably to the vintage semi flexes except we computer designed the new feed to supply oodles of ink to the nib making it flow great. The feta mic coating makes them smooth too. We get LOTS of compliments from owners and testers at shows. Check out the video reviews on FP Geeks or the one on our home page.”

Vanness Pen Shop has most of the line of Wahl-Eversharp pens in stock as well as free shipping for orders over $35.


About Buying Fountain Pen Converters


Fountain pens that use converters need fewer repairs than other types of filling systems. If that converter fails, just pop in a new one. No need for a trip to a repair person and that saves time and money.

However, a single converter plus shipping can be ridiculously expensive. Buying extras for back-up is a good investment, especially if you own multiple pens from a manufacturer. My stock of Pilot converters will fit any of my Pilot pens. Same goes for my Lamy pens and Levenger True Writers. For single pens, I buy two converters since the occasional one will leak even fresh from the box.

Stocking up on those extra converters is a good way to push an order of ink up to the free shipping threshold offered by Vanness Pen Shop, Jet Pens and other retailers. If your company offers such a deal or you know of a company that does, please add that info to the comments. Thanks fellow inkophiles!

Update: Pen Chalet has one of those free shipping offers, too.

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