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Moleskine Volant vs A Cheap Notebook Called Greenroom


Never one to skip perusing the paper products aisle, two weeks ago a couple of notebooks caught my interest at Target. One was the Moleskine Volant in pink and magenta for $5.99 and a very colorful Greenroom recycled notebook for a mere $1.99. How do they compare?

Moleskine Volant and Greenroom Notebook

The Volant comes in a set of two, each with 28 lined detachable pages that measure  6.5 x 10.5 cm. The paper is acid-free and manufactured in China. The Taiwanese Greenroom notebook is spiral-bound with 60 pages that measure 10 x 15 cm. It is made with 60-70% recycled fiber and printed with non-toxic soy-based ink. The cover feels like propylene and is waterproof. The sticker on the front bearing the company logo can be removed for a clear look at that eye-popping cover.

Moleskine and Greenroom Pages

The photo and scans tell the tale.

Moleskine and Greenroom Paper

Moleskine and Greenroom Paper Reverse Side

Greenroom paper has a texture that is very similar to Moleskine though it is thicker and sturdier. For a recycled paper, the Greenroom tolerance for fountain pen ink is above average, but it still feathers and bleeds. Note that none of the nibs used are extra-fine or Asian fine and none of the inks are known as particularly compatible with Moleskine paper. A well-matched pen and ink duo should produce better results, but that would hold true for both notebooks.

For value, the Greenroom is a much better deal. For cachet, nothing beats a Moleskine. <insert sigh>


Mixed Results With A Mead Comp Book


The test scan tells the tale of the fountain pen ink and the Mead Composition Book. The smooth paper ought to behave better but the performance is about what you would expect from a low-end product.

Mead Composition Book

At 100 sheets/200 pages, the show-through and bleed-through limit use to one side so it isn’t exactly a bargain. Still the low amount of feathering with some inks means this comp book has its uses.

Mead Composition Book with Fountain Pen Ink


The designs for the cardboard covers are simple if youthful and the college ruling will work well for most writers. The dimensions are 9.75 x 7.5 inches and will lay flat after a little use. The notebook comes with a stitched binding concealed by a cloth strip which is typical for any composition book.

My comp book was made in Vietnam in 2012 so another run might have different properties. For $1.50 at Target stores, you just might find a slot for it in your paper arsenal.

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