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Sunday Reads: Zombies, Sketchbook Ideas, And A Ghost


Halloween is upon us so zombies and a haunted store seemed appropriate. Now back work on an ink and pen post for tomorrow.


Sunday Reads: This ‘n That


Various subjects…

Diamine Vermilion


Sunday Reads: Pens, Ink And Journals


Tidbits discovered this past week during the rare moments when life was not a distraction…


Pens, Journals And Poop


Yes, you read that right…


It’s Links Day!


Not that you really need more to read on the web, but…

Scary good or scary bad?

Chinese Crested – Powderpuff Variety

A Pen Link Plus Other Delights


Do watch the whale video to the end. The second half is delightful as well as astonishing.


Stillman & Birn Sketchbooks, Part 1


If you hanker for quality, the folks at Stillman & Birn really know how to choose paper. Their journals are excellent and come highly recommended as the links at the end of this post demonstrate.

To date all journals come with a black, heavy cover and in a variety of sizes. The line is expanding so check the S&B website for the most recent specs. Each series comes in ring-bound and sewn-bound editions, whichever suits your fancy. Page count varies.

  • Beta Series – Extra heavy weight paper, natural white, 180#, 270 gsm, rough surface, enhanced wet strength suitable for mixed media renderings.
  • Gamma Series – Heavy weight paper, ivory, 100#, 150 gsm, vellum surface, suitable for all dry media and multiple washes.
  • Alpha Series – Heavy weight paper, natural white, 100#, 150 gsm, vellum surface, suitable for all dry media and multiple washes.
  • Epsilon Series – Heavy weight paper for pen and ink, natural white, 100#, 150 gsm, plate surface, suitable for line drawings without feathering or bleeding.
  • Delta Series – Extra heavy weigh paper, ivory, 180#, 279 gsm, cold press surface, enhanced wet strength suitable for mixed media renderings.

All Sketchbooks are archival quality and bound in the United States. They are high density, resistant to warping and comply with international standards of responsible forestry.

Pentel Pocket Brush Pen in a Stillman & Birn Epsilon Sketchbook

Pentel Pocket Brush Pen in a Stillman & Birn Epsilon Sketchbook

These journals came to my attention late last fall when they received high marks from a few people who wrote early reviews. Since then and especially in the last month or two, the number of adopters amongst my friends as well as artists whose work I admire, has gone up significantly. When it comes to recommendations, you can’t do better than that.

The Epsilon Series for pen and ink is more my cuppa since I am a fountain pen user first and a dabbler in water media second. There is a very slight amount of character to the surface but not enough to make the paper feel anything other than smooth. If you apply significant pressure when you write, your pen might catch but that’s from thick paper rather than texture. A light touch is best for fountain pens anyway.

Stillman & Birn Epsilon Sketchbook Writing Sample

Stillman & Birn Epsilon Sketchbook Writing Sample

No printed lines in the Epsilon so this journal is aimed at sketching. A heavily lined template placed behind might work but the lines would have to be extremely dark to be visible. There is a wee bit of show-through with a few inks so the most persnickety users might stick to just one side of the paper. I would use both sides and not waste such a treat for my pens.

The Epsilon is outstanding at fountain pen use especially for writers who like wide open spaces to add drawings and embellishments. This is the journal I will pass down to my children.

Frankly, Stillman & Birn has produced a fantastic line of art journals. If you paint or draw, you won’t be disappointed. The ring-bound journals are particularly nice for mixed media and collage. The extra space between pages from the looser binding makes it possible to attach multiple bits to your work yet keep the cover flat for archiving.

There is one caveat. Keeping the sewn-bound journals open requires effort or at least following the classic method for opening new hardback books. If your hands aren’t up to the challenge, seek help flattening the book. It’s worth it.

For more on these art journals:

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Nikira sketches in a Gamma.

Thank you, Stillman & Birn, for the samples. Your excellent products will turn many paper lovers into addicts. May you live long and prosper. Otherwise, where will we go for a paper fix?

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