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Limited Release Of Old Sailor Inks


It was mentioned today at FPN that in March there will be a limited reissue of eight discontinued Sailor inks. I have used three and like them all.

Phthalo sent samples of Sakura-Mori and Waka-Uguisu a number of years ago. Those samples fall into the rationed ink category and get used at the rate of mere drops on special occasions. Sakura-Mori is quite pale, but a pretty color. Waka-Uguisu is very similar to Rohrer & Klingner Alt-Goldgrun. Jet Pens sent a bottle of Yaki-Akari in 2010 that has been mentioned in a number of posts as a lovely ink from a wide nib in a clear demonstrator. That would hold true for the other inks as well.

In my opinion, Sailor has made too little effort to supply the U.S. market with its excellent ink so I don’t expect to see it flooding local shelves. If any of the colors appeal to you, grab it should you get the opportunity. Sailor isn’t likely to disappoint.





More Sailor Inks – Sort Of


The buzz around fountain pen boards this week has been Sailor’s re-release of some Limited Edition colors and their addition to the regular line of inks. I hope it turns out to be true and that they will continue to be available as there are some lovely colors in the bunch.

The colors include

山鳥 Yama-dori – This color received rave reviews when it was first released.
奥山 Oku-yama
常盤松 Tokiwa-matsu – The color I wanted but never ordered.
匂菫 Nioi-sumire
海松藍 Miru-ai
蒼天 Sou-ten
土用 Do-you

A little birdie at one of my favorite U.S. distributors told me today that they anticipate stocking these colors and hopefully very soon. Will let you know whenever I get the word. In the meantime, if you just can’t wait, you’ll have to order from a Japanese source like Rakuten since the release is currently available only in Japan.


A Double Review: Sailor Ultramarine Purple And A Kaweco Converter


Sailor Gentle Ink in Ultramarine Purple

Sailor Ultramarine Purple

Last week Jet Pens offered a bottle of Sailor ink to review. That’s not something an inkophile can refuse. Along with it came a converter for the Kaweco Classic Sport reviewed last year. I might have tested the ink in a wide nib or one of my Sailor pens, but putting the converter straight to use was too tempting. As the sample shows, the medium nib proved a good match for the ink.

Sailor Ultramarine Purple Written Sample

Ultramarine Purple fits in the same saturation range as Diamine Violet and Amazing Amethyst – not strong but not pale either. The color is more blue than the two Diamine inks and becomes even more so once dry. For Sailor ink fans, Ultramarine Purple could be used as a substitute for blue and might even be acceptable in a conservative business environment. Only you would know it started as purple.

Other properties include good flow, moderate lubrication, and intermittent shading. It dries faster than many inks and might work for a leftie in a fine nib. It has that typical Sailor ink odor that I associate with biocides and a reduced chance of cultivating mold. I wish all inks were so endowed.

My other purples are red slanted, so there was an opening for a blue slanted one and Ultra Purple is certainly that. Sailor inks are consistent performers and my ink collection reflects my appreciation for them. Actually, the only new additions in the past six months other than samples have been bottles of Sailor ink. Now doesn’t that say something!

Kaweco Sport Converter

The Kaweco aerometric squeeze-style converter has been on my wish list since it was first released. Refilling a cartridge works with a syringe or pipette, but a converter is so much easier. Unfortunately, mine would not seat properly. After several tries and some wasted ink, I began to wonder if it was the wrong converter for the Sport. So I located it on the Jet Pens site and discovered the pen I own is the old model even though I’ve had it just a year. The converter doesn’t work with the early model, so it’s back to refilling my lone cartridge.

If you are considering the converter, read the review written by Red. The whole situation is explained along with how to determine whether your pen will accept the converter. Good for you if it does.

Aerometric converters are quick to fill and simple to clean. The Kaweco has a transparent sac that is visible behind the press bar which makes it easy to see whether it needs a refill. Flow is usually good with aeros so that should not be an issue. The volume appears comparable to that of an international cartridge – adequate for a decent amount of writing with a fine nib but more limited for a wide, calligraphy nib.

If you are torn between a Kaweco and a Lamy for a low-end pen calligraphy pen, the Kaweco Sport has two advantages: a standard grip and a better converter. One of these days I’ll try a Kaweco 1.1 mm nib for comparison. Wouldn’t that make a good review?

Sailor Gentle Ink in Ultramarine Purple is available at Jet Pens as is the Kaweco converter.

Another Sailor Gentle Ultramarine Purple review with some lovely writing samples.

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