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Matchy-Matchy In Pink


Last week I ordered a replacement for a favorite ink along with a pen for a comparison review from Jet Pens. It turns out they are perfectly suited for each other in a matchy-matchy way. Sometimes you just get lucky.


Leonardo Dresses Up In Shell Pink


My Leonardo Calligraphy fountain pen has made do with black ink in the past but last night got the call to dress up in pink. You could say it protested the indignation mightily by being very reluctant to fill its converter. Eventually Private Reserve Shell Pink persuaded it to go for a test run and just look how it turned out.

Leonardo Calligraphy pen with Private Reserve Shell Pink ink

The nib is very smooth and tilted correctly produces a line that is a little more than 1.1 mm wide.

Leonardo Calligraphy Nib

What is really surprising is how smooth the swatches are at the bottom of the sample page. Those were not produced with a swab though they appear to be so created. Those were achieved with the pen and that is nothing short of amazing. Certainly the ink aided this result and the Apica 6A10 paper produced just the right surface for the duo. There is that to credit, but nevertheless, it’s a terrific performance.

One of these days I’ll discover the best use for Leonardo and his pink pal, but for now, I’m going to admire what these mates can do.

Yes, I can be amused awfully easily. 😛

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