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Sunday Reads: Oodles Of Pen, Paper And Ink Links


That’s a first. I’ve never used “oodles” in a post, but for this bunch, it seemed just right.


Putting Old Junk To Good Use


It took some trial and error, but several old cases and notebook covers are now fitted with new journals.  Some of the paper will take a light wash of watercolor so those notebooks will see double duty.

Leather Checkbook Cover

This leather checkbook cover must be at least thirty years old and hasn’t seen anything but the inside of a drawer for at least twenty of those years. Now it has a notebook all its own.

Passport Case

The passport case worked with a number of journals including those pictured from Rhodia, Exacompta and paper-oh though using Midori inserts transforms it into a Fauxdori. Midori bands hold the journals in place and keep it closed. The lock charm adds a whimsical touch as it floats across the equator.

Leather Diary Cover

This well-used notebook contained a diary from 1986 and a blank pad on the left. The leather still feels soft and inviting, but even more so now with a Rhodia pad and Canson art paper.

Shaver Case

This case was from my son’s first Braun shaver. I think concealing a journal is a much better use for it.

Travel Clock Case

This case is so tiny, it can fit anywhere. Discovering a similarly sized pad with paper that makes nice with fountain pen ink was a stoke of luck.

Not every journal needs a protective cover. Decorate a plain exterior with washi tape (addiction warning), scrapbook paper, or decopatch. That will strengthen the cover as well as make it more attractive.

Whether it’s called recycling or re-purposing, matching old junk with fountain pen friendly-paper creates new tools and makes each item useful again. No slackers in this lot now.

Platinum pens courtesy of Luxury Brands USA. Rhodia, Clairefontaine and Exacompta notebooks courtesy of Exaclair. Paper-oh courtesy of Fine folks all.


The Winner Of The Valentine’s Day Giveaway


Thank you all for participating in the Valentine’s Day Giveaway. The entries were great and I had fun reading them.

Now for the winner. It is Ashley S. Congratulations! I hope you will enjoy your Monologue journals and Platinum Preppy pen. Contact me via email to arrange shipment.

More giveaways in the near future so stay tuned!


An Inkophile Giveaway For Valentine’s Day


It’s Valentine’s Day and time to share a little love with my inky friends.

Luxury Brands USA and Monologue have been generous supporters sending multiple items, more than I can use including two small ruled notebooks and a pink Platinum Preppy fountain pen. If you could put these items to use, just add a comment with how you would do so and that will be your entry in the giveaway. This contest is limited to one entry per person and U.S. residents only. The winner will be selected via at 10 PM PST, February 15, 2015. The winner will have 48 hours to claim the prize or another name will be selected.


Coffee Jokes, Paperbacks, and Fountain Pen Links


Links are well and good but 10,000 scientists working on the same project at the same location is nothing short of mind-boggling…


Noodler’s Baystate Blue And The Platinum Preppy Fountain Pen


One of my ink mates recently proved how much of an ink geek he is by noticing the difference between the first run of Noodler’s Baystate Blue and the latest batch. Intrigued I agreed to see for myself.

Noodler's Baystate Blue Fountain Pen Ink Comparison

Noodler's Baystate Blue Fountain Pen Ink Comparison

My written samples validate the observation. Feathering has been tamed sufficiently to give lines a clean look and eliminate the ragged edges. Now it is useful on a wider variety of papers.

Noodler's Baystate Blue Ink Comparison Closeup

Noodler's Baystate Blue Ink Comparison Closeup

BSB still has what it takes to stain fingers and pens making it a less than ideal choice for a clear demonstrator. Since the majority of pens are black, the staining won’t be a problem for most of us. So far no damage to the clear Platinum Preppy sent to test the BSB. That is encouraging but not definitive.

Still it is an ink with a reputation and my experience is too limited to give it anything more than a few cursory remarks.

Noodler's Baystate Blue - Original Formulation

Noodler's Baystate Blue - Original Formulation

Noodler's Baystate Blue - Newest Formulation

Noodler's Baystate Blue - Newest Formulation

The color is a rich blue that flows very well but does dry slowly. In some ways it reminds me of the long-discontinued Parker Penman Sapphire. Not in terms of that ink’s iridescence but more in its saturated color. I found it a happy match to my daily journal, the Apica 6A10, in which I faithfully use a blotter, the best way to make a non-issue of drying time.

The Preppy surprised me more than the ink. It has a very stiff, fine nib that helps control BSB. A flexible nib would lay down more ink and slow the drying time to unacceptable lengths for ordinary use. For such an inexpensive pen, the Preppy has a really solid build along with the intriguing appeal of a demonstrator. Should you order one, do get a Platinum converter to accommodate your bottled inks.

My Preppy has a pink nib which admittedly is kind of cute. Even though it arrived on Valentine’s Day and it is now April, the pinkness still makes me smile.

Platinum Preppy Fountain Pen in Pink

Platinum Preppy Fountain Pen in Pink

Oh, the ink geek? Ryan Roossinck of The Pear Tree Pen Company.

Seize the Dave has a full review of Baystate Blue.

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